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    wochit homepage

    Wochit is a web-based video editing tool which designed to help businesses and agencies make stunning videos fast.

    The program is user-friendly but is similar to any standard online editor. I couldn’t find anything that would help this tool stand out among other alternatives available on the web.

    With thousands of free (but licensed) music tracks, images, and clips, Wochit makes it a breeze to create quality videos in minutes and quite handy for agencies or companies that need to publish dozens of videos every day.

    In fact, this is what it’s mainly designed for – “to scale a company’s video marketing efforts”.

    Wanna know more about the tool?

    Take a look at what it does great and where it misses the mark completely.

    Wochit Pros

    #1. The interface is subtle and easy-to-navigate. You just need to plug in a keyword in the search box, and the library returns hundreds of multimedia files related to your search term in seconds.

    wochit interface

    Just drag any clip or image and drop it to the timeline. It’s that simple!

    And you get full control over the timeline and can stretch or trim the clip according to your project.

    Similarly, while searching for a soundtrack, you get thousands of clips to choose the perfect one for your videos.

    wochit soundtracks

    #2. You don’t need to install an app or anything like that to make use of Wochit.

    A reliable internet connection is, and browser is all you need. And that’s a significant benefit of being an online tool that comes with this tool.

    #3. The thing I liked most about this service is their cloud collaboration that allows every member of a team to start, resume, edit, and publish videos from anywhere, anytime.

    #4. There are plenty of sharing options available for those who love showcasing their creation on social media.

    wochit sharing

    You can upload your videos directly to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other platforms or generate an embedded code to paste in your website.

    Wochit Cons

    #1. Wochit is not a perfect fit for individual creators and for making videos packed with heavy graphics.

    Because the tool is insufficient to provide the required toolset like VFX effects, 3D editing, masking, multicam editing, etc.

    In simple words, you can’t expect to see advanced editing features in this tool.

    #2. 1080P is the standard resolution for any clip made on Wochit. It’s not possible to export videos in 4K UHD as of now.

    #3. Even though Wochit has a cloud collaboration feature, you don’t get separate cloud space to store your files.

    Wochit pricing plans and payment methods

    Wochit is not very upfront about how much it charges for its services. You will have to contact their sales team and tell them about your company size and purpose in order to get a custom quote.

    Do I recommend Wochit?

    No, I don’t recommend Wochit because as I mentioned earlier, there isn’t anything eye-catching that makes this tool different from other online editors.

    And even though it claims to be cheap, you never know what the exact numbers are unless you contact their sales team.

    It can be well within your budget or way out of it. So, that uncertainty is another reason why I would suggest skipping this tool and looking for a better alternative.