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    Soapbox is a unique tool that helps you record and edit webcam or screencast videos and share it on social media.

    Why I call it unique?

    Because unlike all the other software I have analyzed so far, this is the only tool that comes only as a Chrome extension.

    No need to download any app, or log in to the web account every time you want to record a video. Just downloaded the Chrome extension, log in once, and you’re all set.

    What’s more?

    You don’t need to jump to a different application to measure total views and click through rate because it shows everything within the app.

    But once again, just like VideoScribe and all the other online tools, Soapbox, too, is not a video editing tool.

    Anyway, here’s what I liked about the app:

    Soapbox Pros

    #1. Soapbox scores full marks in the usability area. The program is remarkably easy to use and lets you record unlimited videos even with the free version (that lasts forever).

    soapbox extension1

    Whenever you’re ready to record video, just tap the record button, and you’re good to go. Similarly, adding transitions or sharing a video is also a matter of a few clicks.

    #2. Once you’ve done the recording and editing part, you can use the versatility of the tool and share it on social media platforms or embed it on your website.

    And with the unique link, you can also share the clips via email.

    #3. Because Soapbox is just a Chrome extension, it can be run on any computer that supports Chrome browser.

    On the flip side, the downside is, you can’t use Soapbox to record screen on your smartphone.

    Soapbox Cons

    #1. As I’ve already mentioned at the beginning, Soapbox is nowhere near a traditional video editing software.

    That’s why you won’t find any of the standard video editing attributes like masking, Chroma Key, PIP, 3D editing, etc.

    #2. Just like VideoScribe, Soapbox also is unable to work with 4K ultra high definition clips. At best, you can render videos in full HD 1080P.

    Another flaw that pair this deficiency is the inexistence of cloud space.

    Soapbox pricing plans and payment options

    Soapbox has a three-tier pricing plan for the users.

    soapbox pricing

    The first tier is the free version of the extension that comes with limited attributes and bars you from downloading your video clips. However, you can keep it forever.

    In the second tier, they have the ‘Solo’ plan that gets you everything the tool has to offer except for a few features like the video analytics function.

    But what surprised me the most is the sky-high price tag of this plan which is a mind-boggling $300 per year. This price tag is way higher than many of the premium video editing tools.

    And finally, the third and last tier is for the businesses who want to purchase Soapbox for their teams. And for that, Wistia asks you to contact their sales team for a custom quote.

    soapbox payment methods

    Now, when it comes to payment methods, they accept all the major credit cards to charge for their subscription plans. And that’s the only way you pay for the service.

    Do I recommend Soapbox?

    If you’re looking for a simple tool that you can use instantly to record webcam or screencast videos, then I would highly recommend the free version of the software.

    Otherwise, you can skip this service because (1) it’s too damn expensive and (2) it’s not a video editing software.