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    windows movie maker

    As the name suggests, Movie Maker is yet another Windows-only tool that was a part of Windows Essential that Microsoft no longer offers.

    Now, talking about the qualities and overall performance, this tool is suitable only for amateur videographers.

    Yes, you can polish your clips, add effects, transitions, audio, and captions. But all these happen at a very surface-level.

    Though I couldn’t find many exciting things about Movie Maker, here are a few things that a newbie editor might like about this tool:

    Windows Movie Maker Pros

    #1. Movie Maker is remarkably easy to use. The interface is clean with minimal functions, and all the features are just a couple of clicks away.

    windows movie maker interface

    Also, you can work on unlimited tracks by importing them to the software by a simple drag & drop.

    #2. You get a generous amount of sharing options, too.

    Once you’re finished with altering videos, you can upload them directly to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and all the other video sharing platforms.

    It also generates a link that you can share it privately to someone via email.

    Windows Movie Maker Cons

    #1. Movie Maker has become obsolete so it would be unfair to expect high-end features like 3D and VR editing.

    Besides this, the tool also lacks some of the standard functions like Multicam module, actioncam mode, Chroma key features, etc.

    #2. 4K resolution videos are not supported by the software. 1080P is the highest frame size Movie Maker supports.

    So, if you’re looking to manipulate 4K resolution videos, you will first have to compress the clip and reduce the frame size to HD or less.

    #3. Since Movie Maker was built exclusively for Windows PC, this program cannot be installed on Mac or iOS devices.

    I also couldn’t find a way to use it on my Windows and Android phone.

    #4. Even though Microsoft is the parent company of this software, you don’t get cloud storage service with it.

    Windows Movie Maker pricing plans and payment options

    Windows Movie Maker costs nothing. It’s completely free.

    Do I recommend Windows Movie Maker?

    I have got the same answer as I had for the previous tool AVS Video Editor.

    If you’re okay with basic level editing and looking for a not-so-technical editor, only then go for Movie Maker.

    Otherwise, there’s nothing special about this software.