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    vivavideo homepage

    VivaVideo is a popular name among amateur videographers who often use their smartphones to shoot and edit videos.

    For those who are not familiar with the name, VivaVideo is one of those rare tools that is built explicitly for smartphones and has been downloaded more than 11M times on Google Play Store.

    The reason why VivaVideo is so popular among users is the array of features and effects it offers without charging anything.

    And in spite of being a free smartphone app, the final result you get from the app is not subjacent to any traditional video editing software.

    Whether you want to trim your clips, adjust the light, add an effect, or add another clip to a single video, you can do almost anything with this app.

    Let’s dig a little deeper and see in detail, what it has under the hood:

    VivaVideo Pros

    #1. What I loved (and most probably you would too) about VivaVideo is its vast collection of editing options that enables you to do anything from basic trimming and cropping to adding fancy effects and transitions.

    June 4 2019 62142 PM GMT0530

    For example, when I choose ‘Effects’ on the primary interface (under ‘Edit’ section), you see several options ranging from theme, text, transitions to fonts, and stickers.

    Screenshot 2019 06 04 18 24 19 19

    Click on any option – let’s say ‘Transition’, and you see a ton of samples to choose from.

    Screenshot 2019 06 04 18 30 43 63

    Similarly, each tool has dozens of sub-tools that you can use to jazz up your videos.

    #2. After editing, hit ‘Upload/Save’ button on the top right corner.

    June 4 2019 62315 PM GMT0530

    And you can either export the video to your phone or share the video directly on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, and almost all the other popular social media platforms.

    June 4 2019 62214 PM GMT0530

    #3. VivaVideo is capable of editing and exporting videos in HD and 4K UHD resolution. However, the only catch is you will have to take their VIP membership to unlock this facility.

    #4. It doesn’t matter whether you use an iPhone or Android smartphone, the software is available on both the platforms.

    Moreover, you can install and run the software on all your phones and tablets without any snag.

    VivaVideo Cons

    #1. VivaVideo cannot be downloaded on desktop computers. And this is a major setback for the app because the majority of videographers rely on their computers to do most of the work.

    #2. I have no objection regarding the quality or quantity of the existing editing tools in the app, but it lacks the ability to work with 3D objects and VR videos.

    Also, you can’t perform multicam editing, add slow-motion effects, or remove the green screen background from your clips (Chroma Key).

    In simple words, VivaVideo is deficient in modern-day editing attributes that you normally see in many typical video editing software.

    VivaVideo pricing plans and payment methods

    VivaVideo is technically free of any cost, but you’ll have to cope up with a watermark and SD quality while exporting videos using the free version.

    So, if you’re okay with the watermark and SD resolution, then continue with the free software.

    otherwise, you can avoid all these and unlock to power to make videos in HD and 4K by becoming their VIP member for just $10/month (billed annually).

    June 4 2019 62339 PM GMT0530

    Credit cards and PayPal are the only way to pay for this subscription.

    Do I recommend VivaVideo?

    Yes, definitely.

    I have never felt bored ever since I started working on this app because the variety of editing tools available in VivaVideo outnumber any other mobile editing app.

    Except for the occasional in-app ads, SD quality render support, and absence of a few advanced features, this app has everything you need to make a decent quality video.

    And above all, the program is absolutely free forever. That means you lose nothing.

    So, I’ll definitely suggest you install VivaVideo on your phone and use it as your primary video & photo editing service.