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    videobolt homepage

    Videobolt is an online video editor that helps you make high-quality intro videos that you can insert before your business presentation, YouTube videos, phone application, video games, etc.

    The program is extremely easy to use and also offers ready-made templates for quick video production.

    But is it really a full-fledged video editing software?

    Let’s find out.

    Videobolt Pros

    #1. The most highlighted feature of Videobolt is the ready-to-use templates it offers for almost all your needs.

    Whether you have a business presentation, designing a software, creating online ads, or want an intro video for your YouTube channel; you can find any type of template in their library.

    videobolt templates

    And once you’ve picked the right one for your project, you can customize it according to your brand in just a few clicks.

    It’s that simple!

    Moreover, the interface is also simple with a minimal toolbar on the left-hand side, the menu bar at the top, and preview area in the middle.

    videobolt interface

    That’s all you see in the interface. Plane yet perfect for any non-tech professional.

    #2. Since Videobolt is a web-based tool, there’s no restriction on the type of machine or operating system you can use to work on the application.

    Besides this, there are mobile apps available for Android and iOS which makes editing intro clips more convenient.

    Videobolt Cons

    #1. Videobolt is nowhere near a traditional video editing software.

    So do not expect to see the standard editing functions like Chroma Key, color grading, masking, 3D editing, VR video support, Picture in Picture, Multicam module and other editing features.

    #2. Creating ultra high-resolution videos is also an issue with this service because the largest frame size it supports is 1080P.

    #3. Surprisingly, unlike all the other editing tools, Videobolt also lacks serious sharing ability and doesn’t let you upload videos on any other social site except for Facebook and Twitter.

    Videobolt pricing plans and payment options

    Videobolt has four different plans to offer with the total number of videos being the significant difference among them.

    Each plan has a set number of tracks you can create. For example:

    videobolt pricing

    • The basic plan offers 12 videos per year and costs $5.99/month when billed annually.
    • Plus plan allows the creation of 120 videos every year for $24.99/month (billed annually)
    • With Unlimited plan, you get unlimited videos, but that sets you back $49.99/month if you decide to pay yearly
    • At last, the Reseller plan is the most expensive at $166.99/month and gets you unlimited tracks to edit.

    The only difference between Unlimited and Reseller plan is the reseller license you get with the latter one which allows you to sell your videos to any third party.

    While with a commercial license, that you get with Unlimited plan, you’re allowed to do anything except reselling your videos to third parties.

    Do I recommend Videobolt?

    No, I don’t recommend Videobolt because it’s not a genuine video editing software (neither it claims to be).

    The software is designed only to create short intro or outro video clips that you can make in any free video editing program.

    So why pay for something that you can get for free?