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    Movie Studio Platinum by Vegas is a premium video editing tool that is designed for newbies but has plenty to offer to professionals, too.

    With the guidance editing and storyboard, Vegas does a commendable job in making this tool user-friendly. And provides enough reasons for veterans to love the program in the form of advanced video stabilization, 360°, and mode-based editing.

    In short, you get the power of a high-end editing software with the simplicity of an entry-level program.

    Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Pros

    #1. With the arrival of the latest version of the software, Movie Studio Platinum brought guided video creator specially for newbie editors.

    This feature works as an online instructor that takes you on your hand and guide you at every stage of the editing process from start to end.

    This makes editing easy, fast, and fun even for the most inexperienced users. Also, after a few trials, you become well aware of what each tool does.

    So you can take the guided video creator function as your first step to become a pro (if you’re a newcomer).

    #2. Editing videos should never be complicated and seem like, Vegas is trying to prove it right.

    One of the most exciting features that came along the latest version is the mode-based workflow that enables you to choose a specific interface for specific activities.

    For example, if you’re importing files, you can select the specialized interface that is designed to make importing files to the software easier.

    Similarly, if you’re adding effects or graphics to your project, you can pick the interface designed for that and so on.

    This idea of mode-based editing is handy for users who want to avoid a fully jam-packed screen and like to see only those functions that they need at that moment.

    Otherwise, you always have the option to go ‘Power Mode’ where you can see all the functions in a single screen.

    #3. Vegas also introduced “Storyboard” where you can assemble your entire project in forms of various tiles or small clips and trim and rearrange them in no time.

    That makes editing fast and convenient without using the timeline. And you know the best part?

    Whatever changes you make in the storyboard, Vegas automatically saves those changes in your timeline, too.

    #4. Thanks to the sharing ability of the tool, you can upload your videos directly to YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo.

    #5. The 360° video editing is another highlight of Movie Studio Platinum that gives you a complete experience to stitch together dual fisheye or Multicam VR view.

    Once you’ve done with the editing, you can also preview your clips and upload it to YouTube and other platforms that support VR videos.

    #6. You can work with high-resolution videos – from HD to 4K and export them to your computer or web.

    Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Cons

    #1. Even though Movie Studio Platinum does an excellent job in editing VR videos, it doesn’t facilitate altering 3D clips which is one of the major flaws of the service.

    So, if you frequently use your 3D camera, you might want to upgrade to the Vegas Movie Studio 16 Suite.

    #2. Windows is the only operating system Movie Studio Platinum supports. Also, they don’t have anything for smartphone users.

    You can use the software only on computers. And that is something many of the casual video creators might not like.

    #3. Unlike some premium tools like Premiere Pro or PowerDirector, cloud storage is unavailable with the Movie Studio license.

    That means you have to store all the projects either in local drives or upload directly to the web.

    Vegas Movie Studio Platinum pricing plans and payment options

    Vegas leaves no room for confusion when it comes to pricing their product.

    They charge a one-time fee of $79.99 for a new license of Movie Studio Platinum and $49.99 when you upgrade your older license to the latest version of the program.

    And you can pay through PayPal or Debit/Credit Cards to complete the order.

    However, if you’re finding it challenging to take a final decision, I would recommend you to opt for the free trial and use the app for 30-days for free.

    Do I recommend Vegas Movie Studio Platinum?

    Yes, absolutely!

    You rarely see the combination of high-end features with an easy-to-use interface, and Movie Studio Platinum has just that.

    Except for the inability to edit 3D videos and inexistence of a mobile app, a Windows user has every reason to love this software.

    And the price point for which you’re getting all these functions is also quite tough to match.

    So overall, Vegas Movie Studio Platinum is a worthy option for any video editor (whether novice or expert) who possess a Windows PC.

    However, it’s definitely not a choice for Mac and iOS users.