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    typito homepage

    Typito is a web-based editing software that is designed primarily for casual videographers with more than 200 motion graphics templates to assist new users.

    Overall, Typito looks like a decent application but the subscription plans are hefty, and it’s the only tool in this list that limits the number of projects you can create using the tool.

    However, there are some shiny parts, and I’ve mentioned all of them in the following section.

    Typito Pros

    #1. Working on Typito is easier compared to other hardcore video editing software.

    Since the app is geared towards non-tech users, they kept the interface clean with a simple menu bar on the left with minimal functions on it.

    typito interface

    Most of the features like adding filters or images can be done by a single click or a mere drag & drop.

    #2. To make your job even easier you get more than 200 motion graphics templates that you can directly add to your project and customize according to your taste.

    typito motion graphic templates

    Within a few minutes, these templates breathe a new life to your videos, and you get a mesmerizing result which is next to impossible for casual editors to do in such a short time.

    Also, with more than 600K stock images, you’re never gonna face any difficulty finding the perfect picture to fit in your project.

    typito stock images

    #3. After finishing your projects, you get a multitude of options to optimize and share your creation on social sites like Facebook and YouTube.

    Or you can copy the link and share it with all your loved ones via email or other social platforms.

    typito sharing

    #4. As I’ve already mentioned at the beginning, Typito is a web-based tool, that means once you have created an account, you can access your files from anywhere using any device regardless of the OS.

    Also, there is no cut back on the maximum number of devices you can use to login to your account.

    Typito Cons

    #1. While almost all the tools I reviewed earlier in this series facilitates users to create unlimited projects, Typito is the only tool that doesn’t allow you to work on more than 60 projects a month even if you opt for the most expensive plan that cost $125 every month.

    This is the most significant deal-breaker of this tool that might trigger users to look for a better alternative.

    #2. Typito could be ideal for basic level editing. But some non-negotiable features like Picture in Picture, 3D editing, VR editing, Multicam module, and slow-motion effects are missing from this tool.

    And it’s for sure that veteran videographers will not like it at all.

    #3. 4K videos are not supported by the app. At max, you can work on and export 1080p full HD videos.

    #4. Typito doesn’t have its own cloud repository to store your files leaving you totally on your computer’s hard drive space.

    Typito pricing plans and payment options

    Typito is a subscription-based product, and its annual plans start from as low as $5/month.

    However, don’t let this insanely low price fool you. With this starter plan, you can create only five projects every month.

    typito pricing plans

    To get more credits, you will have to upgrade to the professional or premium plan that cost $55 and $125/month and offers 30 and 60 projects every month respectively.

    You can use any credit or debit card to pay for the subscription because Typito uses Stripe to process all their payments.

    But what might upset you is their return policy that explicitly mentions that they don’t usually return your money if you’re not happy with the service or ask for a refund.

    And this is another major drawback that might alarm the users to sign up for Typito.

    Do I recommend Typito?

    No, I would never recommend Typito to any user because the price tag is too high for what you get from this tool.

    And even though you pay a premium amount, you are still left with 60 projects a month with basic level editing features which is clear red-flag for any video editor.

    So in short, it would be better to skip this tool and go for a free one like VSDC which is way better than Typito in every aspect.