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    toufee homepage

    Toufee is an online video maker that is designed for average video makers and small biz owners.

    With a minimalistic interface and unique design ability, it helps you create and share polished videos on social sites within a few minutes.

    Almost all the features of Toufee are similar to other online tools but what surprised me the most is its WYSIWYG editor that gives you the feel (and also additional features) of a traditional video editing software.

    Taking all these functions into account, Toufee claims to be the fastest video making tool on the Internet.

    But that’s just a claim that almost every online video editor does. Is it really what it claims to be?

    Let’s see.

    Toufee Pros

    #1. Toufee is remarkably easy to use, and working on the software is a child’s play. With a few clicks or drag & drop movement, you can upload videos/images, and even download the final product to your computer.

    Toufee also understands that marketing professionals or small biz owners are generally not so competent at designs.

    That’s why they have come up with their unique wizard where you answer a few basic questions, and within a few seconds, your design gets ready.

    toufee questionb

    The 30 different video styles and stock soundtracks work in a similar way to help you produce stunning videos with minimal effort and little time.

    toufee styles

    #2. While the initial interface is pretty simple and primarily for novice users, the WYSIWYG editor is for experienced users who want to add clips and mix audios.

    It has a traditional timeline, videos previewer, and toolbar where you can adjust the intensity of different functions.

    toufee wysiwyg editor

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    The WYSIWYG editor is explicitly for those who want to trim and add some advanced effects to their projects.

    Though Toufee doesn’t mention what exactly this editor has, as per the website, you can experience many of the cutting edge attributes.

    Now, among all the bling-bling the only catch is you will have to upgrade to their “Business” plan in order to avail the WYSIWYG editor.

    #3. Although there aren’t various sharing options available, you can still share your videos on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter straight from the app wizard.

    toufee share

    #4. Toufee is developed on HTML5, and that makes the program flexible. Regardless of what device you use to create videos – be it a Windows/Mac computer or an Android/iOS smartphone – it works smoothly on every machine.

    There’s no need of installing or downloading any app on your desktop or smartphone, and that also gives you the luxury to access the program from multiple devices and continue your work wherever you are.

    Toufee Cons

    #1. Even after introducing the WYSIWYG editor which is a unique attribute in an online tool, the absence of some of the advanced features like Multicam mode, Picture in Picture, 3D and VR editing, etc. is a major disappointment for users.

    #2. Toufee is an anti-film making app. I know that may sound peculiar bit what made me say so is the video length restrictions that Toufee implied even on its paid users.

    You can’t produce videos which are longer than 60 minutes, and that is a substantial drawback that will surely upset serious videographers.

    However, that 60-min time frame might look more than reasonable for their target audience, i.e., marketing professionals and small biz owners.

    #3. Another issue I found with Toufee is the inability to render final projects in 4K ultra HD quality.

    Nowadays, where almost every mobile camera is competent to shoot 4K videos, downloading videos only in SD or HD resolution is discouraging for many users.

    Moreover, you don’t get cloud storage, too. Which is insignificant but still an addition to the ‘cons’ tally.

    Toufee pricing plans and payment options

    Toufee is a subscription-based service and has a straightforward three-tier pricing option for users.

    Starting with the “Lite” option; this plan is free for everyone and provides a sneak peek of the tool. You can create only 3 projects with a maximum length of 1 minute each and can download videos in SD.

    toufee pricing

    A step above the pricing ladder is the “Power” plan for $9.99/month. As a “Power” member, the total number of projects per month goes up to 25 and the maximum length of a video surge up to 30 minutes each.

    You also get unlimited video distribution profiles, custom watermarks, and the facility to download videos in HD resolution.

    And finally, the most expensive “Business” plan that allows users to create an unlimited number of projects and access to WYSIWYG editor would cost you $19.99/month.

    All the other features are the same that you get under the “Power” plan except for the video length that touches the 60-min mark under the “Business” members.

    That being said, PayPal is the default payment gateway for Toufee. But for those who want to avoid PayPal can use their credit cards to pay for their subscription.

    Moreover, Toufee has a flexible refund policy for those who are not happy with the program. The refund window mainly depends on how frequently you’re paying for your subscription.

    If you’ve paid for the entire year upfront, you get 14 daysΒ to apply for a full refund.

    On the other hand, if you choose to pay monthly, you will have to contact the support team within the first seven days to get all your money back.

    Do I recommend Toufee?

    Before everything, let’s talk about its claim to be the fastest online editor on the Internet.

    After using their primary interface, I can say that the claim Toufee makes is somewhat true.

    The whole process is so simple that it would merely take a couple of minutes to produce a video by answering a few questions and selecting a video style.

    Now, coming back to the big question, i.e., do I recommend this tool?

    So, the answer would be no. I don’t recommend this tool because even though it’s the simplest in usability, the quality of videos produced by the tool is not up to the mark.

    Additionally, many of the high-end features are missing, and it restricts you to create clips longer than 60 minutes, which is not handy for making full-fledged movies.

    That’s why I would suggest skipping this tool are going for a better alternative like VSDC or VideoScribe.