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    screenflow homepage

    Screenflow is a screen recording, and editing app from Telestream designed especially for Mac computers.

    Unlike other video editing software, this tool is geared towards different types of users like vloggers, marketers, educators, online course creators, etc.

    On paper, this looks like a decent app, but can we really call it a complete video editing software?

    Let’s find out.

    Screenflow Pros

    #1. What differentiates Screenflow from other video editing tools is its ability to record screen that you don’t see in any other app.

    And not only you can record screen, but also turn the footage into a professional video.

    This quality of Screenflow is quite handy for online course creators, YouTubers, or those who make tutorials.

    #2. Screenflow allows you to import and edit 4K resolution videos without any glitch. And after the job is done, you can also export the file at the same resolution.

    #3. You would appreciate the various sharing options you get when exporting your production.

    It lets you publish your creation directly to YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. You can also share your videos with your loved ones via Dropbox, Google Drive, and Wistia.

    #4. With more than 500,000 stock clips and images, Screenflow’s stock library is the broadest among all the tools.

    screenflow templates

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    And with just $60/year, it saves you from subscribing to third-party companies that charge hundreds of dollars every year in exchange of using their stock clips in your videos.

    Screenflow Cons

    #1. Though Screenflow does support functions like Chroma Key effect and Picture in Picture, it’s without many essential features like Multicam mode, Actioncam module, color grading, audio transition, etc.

    It leaves serious editors asking for more.

    #2. Apart from these essential features, I also couldn’t find a way to add 3D titles to my clips or alter 3D objects. Screenflow is also deficient in working with 360° videos which you can perform in almost all the full-fledged video editing software.

    #3. At last, Screenflow falls short in device compatibility area, too. Since Mac is the only platform where the software runs, this tool is useless for Windows and Android users.

    Plus, according to Telestream’s license policy, you can install the app only on one machine at a time.

    However, the facility to record screen in an iPhone or iPad is something I consider as a silver lining for this software.

    #4. Unlike other Mac or iOS dedicated software like Apple iMovie or Final Cut Pro X, you don’t get separate cloud storage with Screenflow.

    Screenflow pricing plans and payment options

    Screenflow is very direct in its pricing. You can get lifetime access to the software by paying a one-time fee of $129.

    screenflow pricing

    I know the price is steep, that’s why I would recommend installing the free version, first, and then opting for the paid one.

    And even after that, you don’t find it suitable, you can return the product within the first 30 days of purchase and Telestream will return all your money.

    However, if you already own an older version of the software, let’s say Screenflow 7, you can upgrade to the latest version by paying as little as $39.

    screenflow update

    The older your current version of the software is, the more you pay to upgrade to the latest version of Screenflow.

    And when it comes to processing payments, Telestream uses either PayPal, Wire Transfer, or Debit/credit cards.

    screenflow payment options

    Do I recommend Screenflow?

    No, I don’t recommend Screenflow.

    After analyzing the software, I came to this conclusion that Screenflow is not a complete package because it lacks many basic and advanced editing features that I mentioned in the cons section.

    This tool is only handy in recording screen and doing basic level editing stuff, not for pro-level video creation.

    And finally, the hefty price tag sours the taste further.

    So in short, Screenflow is worth for beginners, but not for the veteran video editing professionals.