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    Pinnacle studio ultimate

    Pinnacle Studio Ultimate is another Corel product in this test apart from its sister product VideoStudio Ultimate. But Corel position Pinnacle as a higher-end product targeting professional video editors while VideoStudio is aimed for both amateurs as well as pros.

    Pinnacle also boasts more features than VideoStudio, but if we ignore the number of features, both the tools are more or less the same.

    Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Pros

    #1 Unlimited Video editing

    While the Studio and Studio Plus version of Pinnacle allows users to edit a total of 6 and 24 video/audio tracks, the Ultimate version eliminates any such limitation.

    #2 3D and VR/360° editing

    While 3D editing is a new feature in Pinnacle Studio Ultimate, Corel enhanced the VR/360° video editing experience in the latest version (22) of the software.

    You can now add 3D titles to your videos and trim, merge, and add titles to your 360 videos. It also lets you convert your VR videos into standard videos and become the director of your own videos (in the words of Pinnacle).

    #3 Compatible with 4K videos

    Pinnacle Studio Ultimate supports ultra HD and 4K videos, but it fails to work with 8K videos.

    #4 Upload videos directly on social sites

    Using the “Export” option, you can upload videos straight on Facebook or video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. Just click on “Export” tab…

    Pinnacle Studio Ultimate share

    Click on “Format” and choose “Web” from the drop-down menu. And then select the site where you want to share your videos.

    Pinnacle Studio Ultimate share 2

    #5 30-day trial and return policy

    Since Pinnacle is also a Corel product, it follows the same trial and refund policy as VideoStudio.

    You get a 30-day trial paired up with a 30-day return policy that guarantees a 100% refund.

    Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Cons

    #1 Only for Windows computers

    Similar to VideoStudio Ultimate, Pinnacle Studio Ultimate is also a Windows-only software. And it requires 64-bit versions of Windows 7, 8 or 10 to run smoothly.

    Pinnacle studio ultimate system requirements

    #2 Can’t use the software on more than one computer

    You can’t install the Pinnacle Studio Ultimate program on more than one PC with a single user license.

    #3 Sluggish customer service

    Since Corel is the parent company of Pinnacle Studio Ultimate, I had the same experience that I had with VideoStudio.

    The customer service of Corel is not very sensitive, and it took them more than 24 hours to answer my email.

    Again, the workaround is same — ditch email support and use their live chat option. It’s quick and the agents are quite straightforward in answering queries (they don’t slap several links on your face and ask you to find the answers there).

    Screenshot 2019 02 21 19 15 01 50

    Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Pricing Plans

    Pinnacle Studio Ultimate is a one-time payment product. If you’re new, then the full version will cost you $99.95.

    Pinnacle studio ultimate full version pricing

    However, if you are already using the software and wish to upgrade to the latest version, then you’ll have to pay only $74.95.

    Pinnacle Studio Ultimate upgrade pricing

    Do I recommend Pinnacle Studio Ultimate?

    Yes. I do recommend Pinnacle Studio Ultimate, especially to Windows users who wish to have a professional level tool with an affordable price and user-friendly interface.

    When you compare the minor one-off price of this application with the array of editing tools and tutorials it provides, it seems like a steal of a deal.

    But the only flaw is it doesn’t have anything for Mac users, and cloud space is omitted. So, if you’re Mac user or looking for lots of cloud storage, then you better switch to Adobe Premiere Pro.