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    Open Reel is a remote video recorder that enables you to record up to 4K videos from your phone, tablet, or webcam right from your desk.

    Sounds a little peculiar, right?

    Let me explain.

    This app lets you shoot videos anywhere without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

    It is especially handy for remote companies where all your employees live in different cities across the globe.

    Now, you don’t need to fly to a different city to shoot a video together.

    Just ask your colleague to download the OR Capture app on his/her smartphone or open the Open Reel link on desktop, and you can start recording from your respective places.

    It’s like a virtual studio from where you can control the entire recording and use the app to create video testimonials, interviews, vlog posts, podcasts, internal communication videos for your company, and more.

    Here are a few more reasons why Open Reel could be a game-changing app for video makers:

    Open Reel Pros

    #1. Thanks to Open Reel’s Patented Tech, shooting videos using the app is a walk in the garden.

    Login to your Open Reel account and ask your subject (with whom you want to shoot the video) to either login to their Open Reel account or install the OR Capture app in his/her smartphone.

    Pair the two devices just like we used to do it in good ol’ days while sending files through Bluetooth. Once you do that, you will be able to see and hear each other.

    open reel interface

    Now, you’re all set to start the shoot. Just hit the record button and begin the show.

    Since you’re the director of this shoot, you get all the powers to start, stop, or restart the recording from your desktop.

    #2. To make the entire process more comfortable, Open Reel allows you to set teleprompter. You can set it either for your subject or for yourself or both.

    There’s also multicam setup available to capture videos from a different angle.

    #3. You can invite four more members of your team and collaborate with them in real time while the shoot is going on.

    This feature is quite handy to get real-time feedback and also helps you know the perspective of your team members.

    #4. You can publish your videos to social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn directly from the app.

    open reel sharing

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    #5. Open Reel doesn’t have any shortcoming when it comes to device compatibility.

    While desktop users just need to login to their account using their internet browser, there are dedicated mobile apps available for iOS and Android devices.

    To top it off, there’s no capping on the maximum number of devices you can run the software on.

    Open Reel Cons

    #1. One of the major flaws with Open Reel is the absence of a video editor within the software.

    You can record, but you can’t trim, split, or add effects to your videos. For that, you will have to open the recorded clip on a proper video editing app.

    However, we can’t blame the company or developers because this is not something Open Reel is designed for.

    #2. No doubt, the collaboration feature is impressive. But this software disappoints when you ask for a private cloud space.

    Open Reel pricing plans and payment methods

    Open Reel is a subscription-based service where they offer Basic, Pro, and Director plans.

    And before I reveal the pricing, Open Reel allows you to try any of their plans for 14-days without any cost.

    And once you’re happy with the experience, you can either opt for the Basic, Pro, or Director membership.

    Each of these schemes cost you $25/month, $99/month, and $150/month, respectively. And all these prices are valid when you pay for the entire year upfront.

    The following image shows what each plan has to offer:

    open reel pricing

    PayPal and credit cards are the primary ways to pay for the membership.

    Do I recommend Open Reel?

    Open Reel seems like a pretty promising tool for remote teams or agencies that create or record videos frequently.

    And Open Reel makes the entire process effortless. But when you look at the price, it automatically makes you think twice before committing for the program.

    So, if paying $100-$150 every month is not an issue for you, then definitely go with Open Reel. Otherwise, it’s better to stick to your old methods of recording videos.