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    magisto homepage

    Among all the software I’ve tested by far, Magisto is the first video editing tool that is powered by AI.

    It’s an online application that helps amateur editors and marketing professionals create engaging videos in minutes.

    And above all, you can access the program from any device and can get your hands on millions of stock multimedia files so that you can start editing on the go.

    Wanna know more?

    Here’s the complete list of all the benefits you get when you sign up for the service:

    Magisto Pros

    #1. Magisto, like most of the online editors, is extremely easy to use. It has a unique three-step editing process where all you need to do is upload a video and choose a video style and soundtrack from the library; the rest of the job is done by the AI-powered maker.

    magisto interface

    It automatically analyzes and edits the video, and within a few minutes, you get a complete production which is ready to share.

    #2. One of the primary purposes of Magisto is to help professionals create videos for their email or social media marketing campaigns.

    And to ease the entire distribution process, it allows you to host videos directly on your website and lets you optimize and share clips directly on different social media sites.

    magisto share

    The best part?

    You get a thorough breakdown on how many visitors viewed your videos and when they bounced off.

    This would give you a better gauge of the viewing pattern of your audience so that you create better content in the future that resonates with your viewers and get you a better ROI on your marketing campaigns.

    However the only catch is, you will have to upgrade to their “Business” plan to avail this attribute.

    magisto features

    #3. Since the program is online, you can access your Magisto account from any device, be it a Macintosh or Windows PC.

    Magisto also has mobile apps for iOS and Android, but they’re not as intuitive as their web versions. However, the phone apps are still well capable of helping you work on your projects on the go.

    Magisto Cons

    #1. Undoubtedly, you can make decent looking videos on Magisto within minutes, but it’s also a fact that this tool is mere entry-level software designed for non-tech people.

    Veteran videographers would not find their favorite tools like Multicam mode, 3D editing, VR support, Picture in Picture, VFX effects, and more.

    In other words, you can’t make professional level movies using Magisto.

    #2. Even though you opt for the most expensive monthly plan of the service, you can’t produce videos longer than 10 minutes.

    And that’s the most significant hitch of Magisto because 10 min is too short for even a long-form YouTube video, leave alone making feature films.

    #3. Another major snag in Magisto is its inability to support 4K ultra HD clips. You can edit or render only 1080P clips.

    Magisto pricing plans and payment options

    Magisto is a subscription-based tool and offers three different monthly/yearly pricing plans.

    Before committing to any pricing option, you have the freedom to test-drive the app for 7-days without any restriction on the editing features.

    magisto pricing

    But once the trial period ends, you can either go for the:

    • Premium Plan that costs $4.99/month when paid annually or
    • Professional Plan for $9.99/month when billed yearly or
    • Business Plan, which is the most expensive and sets you back $34.99/month when billed annually.

    As you can see, the software is pretty pricey and allows you to complete your order by paying through PayPal or your debit/credit cards.

    Do I recommend Magisto?

    Taking into account the price tag and features of Magisto, I don’t recommend the tool.

    Because firstly, 34.99/month is way higher than many of the premium video editing software charge. And the restriction to make only 10 min long videos sours the whole experience.

    Adding to the misery is the inexistence of advanced editing features.

    That’s why my suggestion would be to either sign up for Adobe Premiere Pro or go for a free tool than investing in Magisto.