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    As you’ve already guessed by the name, MacXvideo is a video converting tool that is designed explicitly for computers running on MacOS.

    Apart from converting videos, this tool is also a video processor which is bundled with a basic video editor. Though you can’t do much with the editor, it’s still a decent place to trim, split, and add music to your clips.

    But again, this is not what it’s made for.

    The 370+ codecs are the ultimate assets of this tool that enables you to transcode, convert, or compress any video you want.

    Whether you have a 4K clip or want to process the latest video you shot using your new GoPro, it can open everything. And the quality of your files remains intact even after you render the final project.

    Here are all the benefits you receive when you sign up for this free service.

    MacXvideo Pros

    #1. Let’s start from what this tool is actually known for.

    With more than 370 different codecs, MacXvideo is one of the finest video processors on the internet. And since it has such a wide range of support available, you can playback almost any video file (shot on any device) using the tool.

    macxvideo interface

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    It doesn’t matter if the video is 4K UHD, 2K, or HD, MacXvideo can run anything up to 8K resolution.

    And the software is also well capable of opening the downloaded video clips or movies ripped from DVD or Blu-ray disc.

    Besides this, If the file that you’re running is too heavy, you can compress it by a couple of clicks or convert one format from another – for example, from AVI to MP4 or vice versa.

    And the best part?

    The quality of the final product remains the same as the original file. So, no need to compromise on quality even after reducing the size of the video or changing the original format.

    #2. The video editor is another highlight of this tool that I, honestly speaking, didn’t expect to see.

    Because generally, video converters come solo, they don’t provide separate video editing facilities, but MacXvideo goes above and beyond to serve the users.

    However, as I have already mentioned, the editor is only for essential functions like trimming a video, splitting into small pieces, or merging different clips into one file.

    macxvideo editor

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    Apart from this, it also enables you to crop the footages to fit any screen size, add effects, and audio.

    MacXvideo Cons

    #1. MacXvideo is available on computers and also allows users to export videos for mobile handsets. But it has no presence on the small screens.

    #2. Except for the primary functions I mentioned in the ‘Pros’ section, it has nothing to offer in terms of video manipulating.

    You can’t work on 3D modeling, edit VR videos (though you can run it), no multicam editing, Chroma Key, masking, PIP, and all the other fancy features that you generally find in a standard video editing software.

    #3. Not being able to share videos on social media directly from the software is another major glitch.

    When using MacXvideo, you will, first, have to store the video in your local drives and then share it manually on your favorite social media platforms.

    Moreover, I couldn’t find Cloud storage facility, too.

    #4. Since it’s developed only for Mac computers, the software is useless for Windows PCs.

    MacXvideo pricing plans and payment options

    This software is absolutely free of cost. Also, no additional or hidden fee.

    Do I recommend MacXvideo?

    As I video editing tool, my answer is, of course, no.

    But I definitely recommend this tool as a video processor, converter, and compressor because this is one of the best you could find on the internet.

    The software can open any file, play even 8K resolution videos, and convert your files into any format.

    And above all, you don’t need to spend a penny to make full use of the software.

    Yes, limited device compatibility is a concern, but MacXvideo is still a steal for those who often want to process, convert, or reduce the size of their video files while keeping the same audio and video quality.