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    kapwing homepage

    Unlike all the software I’ve analyzed so far, Kapwing is a collection of products designed to do specific tasks.

    From editing videos to making memes and adding subtitles to resizing clips, there’s a separate tool to perform each of these jobs.

    And above all, the software is so easy that even your granny can use it.

    Now, it’s not possible to talk about the quality of each product separately, that’s why I’m going to take Kapwing as one big bundle of these different products (btw that’s what it actually is).

    And here’s what this bundle of products can do for you:

    Kapwing Pros

    #1. User-friendliness is one of the biggest highlights of Kapwing products.

    All of their products have a slick and minimalistic interface with only those tools that you need to perform that particular task.

    For example, when you open the Kapwing Studio, all the editing functions are placed at the bottom part of the screen with their names under it.

    kapwing interface

    So there’s no room for confusion, and you don’t even need to spend your time finding a specific function.

    Just select an option, apply, and done. Within a few minutes, your video is ready.

    And if your primary purpose is to make Instagram stories and images, then Kapwing has a few more surprises for you in the form of Instagram Story templates and Border templates for images.

    kapwing instagram stories template

    #2. Though it’s not possible to add the fancy VFX effects, slow motion, or do multicam editing, you can still do so many exciting things using Kapwing Studio.

    This program is excellent for trimming videos, making memes, gifs, resizing the original clip according to specific social media platforms, or adding/removing audio.

    Not only that, but you can also reverse a video, change its speed, and convert an image into video or vice versa.

    kapwing products

    In short, it’s a perfect place for amateur video makers.

    #3. After preparing your video, you can share it on social media sites right from within the software.

    #4. Since Kapwing is an online service, it doesn’t require you to install an app on your desktop or mobile phone.

    That also means you can access the program from any device, whether it’s running on MacOS or Windows.

    Kapwing Cons

    #1. No doubt, Kapwing is fun to work program. But we can’t call it a complete package because it lacks many cutting edge functions including 3D editing, multicam module, Chroma Key, 360° editing, and more.

    #2. The program can upload 4K UHD videos but can’t maintain the same resolution while exporting files.

    Kapwing pricing plans and payment methods

    Kapwing is free for everyone and will remain free forever.

    However, it leaves a small watermark on your clips while you save them. So, for those who don’t want this tiny mark on their video, the makers charge $6 for removing the watermark from one video.

    kapwing pricing

    And if you have many, then it’s wise to go with their $20/month or $200/year option where they remove the watermark from all the videos you produce in a specific month or entire year.

    Team Kapwing use Stripe to process payments, so feel free to use your card to pay for the membership.

    kapwing payment methods

    Don’t have money? No problem!

    Either stick with their free plan or if you run a blog, write an article for them, and the makers are more than happy to make any one of your video watermark-free.

    Do I recommend Kapwing?

    Except for professional movie makers, I recommend Kapwing to all the amateurs and semi-pro users.

    The tool is simple yet powerful enough to produce high-quality content for social media or general usage.

    And the best part?

    It costs absolutely nothing to use the service. So you don’t have anything to lose. In other words, go with Kapwing because it’s one of the best editing bundle for novice and semi-pro editors.