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    invideo homepage

    Just like Fleeq, InVideo is another online editing tool but more sophisticated than the former one.

    While Fleeq can be used to make only tutorials, InVideo is more versatile, and you can use it to make anything from video ads to Instagram stories.

    Besides this, the millions of stock videos and images make your project more colorful.

    Sounds like a typical online tool, right?

    Let’s look at the ‘Pros’ section to see if it has anything that makes it different from other online editors.

    InVideo Pros

    #1. The most significant factor that differentiates InVideo from other online software is the multi-language support that you get in the former.

    With InVideo, you can create videos in almost all languages. And just in case, if you come across any snag regarding a particular language, you can always contact their support team, and they would take care of it.

    #2. Making a video on this tool is a breeze. With an intuitive interface, it takes only a couple of clips or a drag & drop movement to add or export a multimedia file.

    invideo interface

    And what makes the job even easier is the extensive library that boasts millions of images and videos and the pre-designed templates that you can apply on any project.

    These templates are highly flexible, and you can add or remove the fonts, colors, or images/videos according to your taste.

    invideo templates

    Above all, using templates saves you hours and gets your projects a professional look in minutes.

    #3. After you’ve finished your work, you can use the various sharing options it provides to share your creation on social media sites directly from the app.

    invideo sharing

    #4. Regardless of which operating system your computer runs on, you can access your InVideo account on any machine.

    Additionally, there’s no limit on the maximum number of devices you can use the program on.

    InVideo Cons

    #1. InVideo could be perfect for making Instagram stories or regular YouTube videos that don’t require a heavy dose of VFX.

    But it’s definitely not an appropriate choice for making full-length movies.


    Because (1) 10-min is the maximum length of a clip you can edit or produce using the app and that too if you opt for their ‘Enterprise’ subscription plan (I’ll get to it later).

    And (2) even though it claims to be loaded with advanced editing features, I couldn’t find cutting edge VFX effects, 3D editing, VR video support, Multicam module, Chroma Key, Picture in Picture, etc.

    #2. Producing high-resolution 4K videos is impossible with this tool because barring the ‘Enterprise’ plan, 720p is the standard frame size in all the pricing plans to export videos.

    #3. The absence of a mobile app and cloud storage are other major issues with the program.

    InVideo pricing plans and payment options

    Apart from a free program, you can choose from three different subscription options – ‘Starter’, ‘Professional’, and ‘Enterprise’.

    invideo pricing

    The ‘Starter’ plan costs $20/month when billed annually. Similarly, the ‘Professional’ and ‘Enterprise’ subscription options cost $50/month and $100/month, respectively, when you pay for the entire year upfront.

    Now, the total number of videos is the only factor that separates these three plans because as you go higher in the pricing tier, InVideo allows you to produce more videos.

    For example, with the ‘Starter’ plan, you can edit only 10 videos/month.

    On the other hand, the ‘Professional’ plan allows you to produce 30 clips, and the ‘Enterprise’ plan facilitates 60 videos every month.

    Finally, talking about payment methods; credit cards are the only way you can sign up for the service.

    Do I recommend InVideo?

    No, I don’t recommend InVideo even though the program is extremely easy to use and contains hundreds of templates.

    The reasons are simple – (a) the subscription plans are too expensive, (b) the standard length of a video could be no longer than 3 minutes, and © you can’t produce more than 20-60 videos per month.

    And just in case you exhaust your monthly quota before the month ends, you will have to pay extra to create more videos in that particular month.

    So, in short, I would suggest going for VideoScribe over InVideo.