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    Hitfilm Pro is the all-in-one, non-linear editing software that a movie maker needs to create stunning films.

    Except for a few minor setbacks, there’s nothing you don’t see in this software. From advanced editing toolset to 3D editing, VFX effects to high-end audio mixing and animation; it has everything you expect from a premium editing service.

    What’s more?

    It supports OpenFX plugins so that you can use various plugins like NewBlue, GenArts, and Red Giants inside the tool without any lag.

    Here is the complete list of benefits the Hitfilm Pro renders a user:

    Hitfilm Pro Pros

    #1. With an extensive suite of editing tools, Hitfilm Pro enables you to do everything from basic trimming, cutting, and audio mixing to adding cutting edge VFX effects, motion graphics, or create animated characters.

    All the functions happen in a blink, thanks to the lightning fast multi-core and GPU accelerated system of Hitfilm Pro.

    hitfilm pro performance

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    The robust system powers the software to perform all the high-end functions smoothly, helping you to avoid regular crashes.

    In fact, I never faced any issues or had to restart my machine ever since I have been working on the software. It’s that powerful!

    #2. Hitfilm Pro is one of the few tools that include a complete 3D package. You can import 3D videos, add 3D layers, or use locally saved 3D objects as particles to make your clips funkier.

    Don’t have a ready to use 3D video? No problem!

    There’s a facility to jazz up your dull 2D videos by adding 3D effects and texts to it or create a new 3D model separately. Besides this, it also allows you to convert a 2D image into a 3D scene with camera movement included.

    hitfilm pro 2d to 3d

    And if that’s not enough for you to love this program, then it further surprises you with its might 360° editing suite.

    With the updated 360° viewer panel you can now watch VR videos in their original form inside the trimmer and add the special 360° effects to elevate the overall VR experience.

    #3. If 4K movies are something you drool over, then Hitfilm Pro goes a step beyond and supports 8K resolution videos for an ultra sharp quality output.

    That means whether you shoot footages using your smartphone or high-end DSLR camera, it can work on anything and everything.

    Apart from this, the advanced color grading function and 32-bit color support play a vital role in further improving your video quality.

    #4. Unlike many premium software, Hitfilm Pro seems quite faster in rendering videos than other tools. A short 2-min clip in HD resolution hardly takes 20-30 seconds to get exported.

    And what I liked the most about the software is the flexibility to continue your work while the export process takes place in the background without affecting the speed of any functionality.

    Again, all credit goes to the powerful Multi-core, GPU accelerated system it uses.

    Moreover, you can also format your production as per the requirement of social media sites like Facebook and YouTube and upload your videos directly from the app by a few clicks.

    hitfilm pro export

    #5. Since you get cross-platform support, Hitfilm Pro runs smoothly on Windows as well on Mac computers. And with the three seat license, you can install the software on three machines simultaneously.

    That’s awesome for many videographers who like having a copy of the software on their laptop and also on the desktop for convenience.

    Hitfilm Pro Cons

    #1. The absence of a mobile version of the software and cloud repository is the only drawback this service has.

    Otherwise, it’s perfect in every aspect.

    Hitfilm Pro pricing plans and payment options

    The pricing game of Hitfilm Pro is pretty simple and straightforward. You pay a one time fee of $299, and the software is yours forever.

    hitfilm pro pricing

    And you can pay for the license via your debit/credit card or PayPal.

    hitfilm pro payment options

    Those who can’t make a decision can go for the trial version of the software that is available for you to keep forever, but the free version doesn’t allow you to export your production.

    So I would recommend going directly for the paid version.

    Do I recommend Hitfilm Pro?

    Yes, I definitely recommend Hitfilm Pro because I don’t have any reason to turn this tool down.

    The software is a complete package in every sense. And what’s interesting?

    In this review piece, I have mentioned just a fraction of the qualities of this tool that I thought could be a deciding factor for my test.

    In reality, Hitfilm Pro can do a lot more than you could think of. I would strongly suggest going through their entire list of features to get a better idea of the capabilities of the software.

    And finally, unless you’re looking for a free option or a complete novice, Hitfilm Pro is the best fit for you (especially if you are a professional video maker).