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    GoPlay is a free screen recording and editing app for Windows, Android, and iOS.

    Generally, you don’t expect much from a screen recording tool and that too when it’s made mainly for mobile users, but GoPlay’s editor surprises you with its dynamic multitrack editor.

    The software boasts numerous video effects, transitions, and fancy fonts that you can add to your clips. And to complement these features, GoPlay has also included Picture in Picture, noise removal, and real-time dubbing.

    All these attributes, when combined, make GoPlay a perfect place not just to record videos but to also manipulate them according to your taste.

    Now, when everything looks smooth on paper, there comes a roadblock.

    The free software comes with many hindrances and to overcome that and make full use of all the features, you’ll have to upgrade to their Pro membership.

    I’ll get to that in a moment, but let’s first see what benefits GoPlay brings with it.

    GoPlay Screen Recorder and Video Editor Pros

    #1. Starting with its usability; GoPlay screen is an extremely user-friendly app that even a novice can operate.

    When you open the app on your smartphone, you see clear instructions regarding what you want to do – edit a video, make a vlog, or record screen.

    June 7 2019 111034 PM GMT0530

    Tap on any option and get straight to the business.

    Similarly, uploading a video, applying an effect, adding text, and most of the other core functions are merely a touch away.

    On the contrary, the Windows version has a more mature look but similar to the smartphone version, you can do all the editing in a few clicks.

    goplay interface

    #2. To call GoPlay, a powerful editor would be an overstatement, but this multitrack editor can still produce decent videos for your Instagram stories or YouTube channel.

    You can trim and split your videos and add clips, images, or fancy texts.

    I also liked the available filters, and there are so many to choose from to add some oomph to your clips.

    goplay filters

    The effects and transitions are also decent, but the lack of variety is the only problem in this area. Plus, a few of their effects and transitions are reserved for their Pro members.

    goplay transitions

    Besides this, you can also change the background music or add your own voice while making tutorials.

    #3. After giving the finishing touch to your project, you can share them on YouTube or Twitter right from within the app.

    Screenshot 2019 06 06 16 27 03 48

    I know that’s not much, but something is always better than nothing, right?

    #4. Except for MacOS, GoPlay works smoothly on all the devices, be it a Windows PC, iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone.

    And what’s more?

    There are no restrictions on the maximum number of devices you can run the software on.

    GoPlay Screen Recorder and Video Editor Cons

    #1. The one thing that all GoPlay users badly miss is the ability to work with 3D objects and edit 360° videos.

    Also, the effects and transitions you see in the app are not as superior as you see in a professional video editing tool.

    So that’s also a concern for those who want to make top quality videos using this tool.

    #2. Since 4K recording is now standard in every smartphone, you can definitely open and edit a 4K clip on GoPlay.

    But when it comes to exporting the final product, you can’t do that with 4K UHD resolution.

    With the free account, you can save videos as 720P. And even if you take the Pro membership, you can’t go further 1080P.

    #3. The free license restricts you to record screen for more than 5-minutes.

    GoPlay Screen Recorder and Video Editor pricing plans and payment methods

    It doesn’t cost anything to use the GoPlay Screen Recorder and Video Editor. But as I mentioned at the beginning, there are many snags or say, restrictions with the free version.

    The screen recording time is limited to 5-minutes, a watermark on the final video, no full HD export, only selected effects, transitions, and fonts, and many more.

    goplay comparision

    Now, if you wish to avoid all these and work on the app with full freedom, become their ‘Pro’ member by paying a negligible monthly, yearly, or lifetime fee.

    Screenshot 2019 06 06 16 32 07 13

    The monthly plan costs just $1.99/month, while the yearly and lifetime license is for $8.99/year and $29.99, respectively.

    And finally, GoPlay accepts all the renowned credit/debit card or PayPal to process all the payments.

    Do I recommend GoPlay Screen Recorder and Video Editor?

    I would say yes, as well as no.

    Yes, if you are looking for a free screen recording app for your phone where you can also make some basic edits.

    And no because the number of effects and fonts are limited with the free version and I don’t advocate spending money on phone apps unless it’s the best of the bests. And GoPlay is certainly not.

    If editing is your primary purpose, then there are much better options available in the form of VivaVideo and Adobe Premiere Clip.

    These two tools offer a broader range of functions than GoPlay and absolutely free of cost.