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    fleeq homepage

    Fleeq is a web-based tool that helps you create bite-sized tutorials in minutes.

    What makes it different from other web-based video creators is the overall process it uses to create tutorials.

    It goes something like this:

    Rather than recording your webcam and doing dozens of retakes to get that perfect 15-seconds shot, you take screenshots, point the part you want to highlight or explain, add script and leave rest of the things on Fleeq.

    Within minutes, you get a complete, professional looking tutorial ready.

    That being said, it should be clear that Fleeq is neither a video recording tool nor an editing tool.

    Now, let’s see why you should or should not go for this tool.

    Fleeq Pros

    #1. The major highlight of Fleeq is, of course, its unique way of creating videos.

    fleeq interface

    No need to by-heart long scripts, record webcam or even have a webcam on your computer. Creating a 2-minute video on the tool is as easy as snapping some screenshots, pasting the script, and clicking ‘Done’.

    And what’s more?

    You can also choose from different accent and tone of voice (male or female).

    #2. Fleeq provides several distribution channels for your videos right within the app.

    You can share your creation on social media sites or generate a sharable link and track if someone has seen your clips.

    fleeq sharing

    If yes, it goes a little further and also reveals to you if the person saw the entire video or quit it in the middle.

    That’s a great option if you often share videos with your email list or a few particular individuals.

    And for those who include videos in their blog posts or just want to add a clip to their website can copy the embedded code and paste on their sites.

    #3. Fleeq is an online service and doesn’t require you to download an app. You can access the program from any computer (Mac, Windows, or Linux) as long as you have a reliable internet connection.

    Fleeq Cons

    #1. Not having a smartphone app is the most notable drawback of Fleeq. A smartphone app would have given users more flexibility to reach their account and create tutorials on smartphones.

    But unfortunately, at present, you will have to take your mobile screenshots to the desktop and create the videos from there on.

    #2. Since it’s not an editing app, you won’t even find the basic level features like trimming, adding clips, effects, etc.

    #3. Meager sharing options is another concern I have with this tool. Unlike all the online software I tested in that past, Fleeq doesn’t allow you to share your clips on social media directly from the app.

    Fleeq pricing plans and payment options

    Apart from its free plan, Fleeq has straightforward pricing options for individuals and team leaders.

    fleeq pricing

    For individuals, they have the “Basic” plan that costs $10/month when billed annually or $12/month when you decide to pay month by month.

    On the other hand, you have the “Team” plan for $75/month (billed annually for 3 members) and provides you a whole lot of features like GIF exports, courses, quizzes, analytics, reports and more, that you won’t find in the basic plan.

    An additional plan is also there for startups with $1M in funding, has less than 5 employees, and are less than 2 years old.

    As per this particular plan, companies that fulfill the above three criteria can enjoy the “Team” plan for a flat rate of $25/month for 3 members.

    But for that, you will, first, have to fulfill their application form. Once, they verify your information, you can claim the subscription by paying through your credit card.

    fleeq payment methods

    Do I recommend Fleeq?

    Yes, I do recommend Fleeq if you’re conscious about coming in front of lenses and want to escape all the pain that comes with making a picture perfect tutorial.

    I would suggest opting for the free version because (1) you can keep it forever and (2) there’s no capping on the maximum number of clips you can create with the free plan.

    However, those who want to get rid of the Fleeq watermark can upgrade to the “Basic” membership.

    Otherwise, the free version is good enough for an average user.