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    Edius Pro 9 is a Windows based non-linear editing tool which is designed for faster, real-time editing.

    It supports multiple formats and frame rates and lets you alter all the different files in the same timeline. With a robust set of features, 4K support, and various export options, Edius Pro 9 looks like a decent option.

    But what ruins the taste is the hefty price tag associated with the software. And it’s the only program in this list that doesn’t have its own pricing page. The only way to buy the product is from one of their trusted online resellers.

    To get a crystal clear picture of the tool, take a look at all the significant advantages and flaws that comes with it.

    Edius Pro 9 Pros

    #1. The user interface of Edius Pro 9 is like any other standard tool…

    edius pro 9 interface

    …but what makes it special is the ability to open almost any file format including Sony XAVC/XAVC S, Panasonic AVC-Ultra, AVC-Intra LT/LT 2K, Cannon Cinema Raw, Sony XDCAM format, etc.

    So, no need to waste time in video format converters anymore. Directly open any file on Edius Pro 9.

    #2. With the power of H.264 encoder, it can encode or decode any 4K video in a snap, and the H.265 codec ensures silky smooth playback.

    edius pro 9 4k editing

    Moreover, the Multicam module is also quite impressive that support 16 different camera shots simultaneously.

    #3. Edius Pro is also well capable of editing 3D videos or help you add 3D effects to your clips to make them more eye-catching.

    However, working on 360° videos was not a pleasant experience for me.

    Though it does support VR videos and also offers video stabilization to make your clips more stable, it lacks some critical attributes like stitching, video rotation, 360° transitions, etc.

    #4. After finishing your work, you can share your clips social media sites like Facebook or upload your videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and Flickr.

    All this without leaving the software or minimizing the windows.

    #5. And if you love showing your production on parties, events or on TV, you can also export your project directly to a Blu-ray disc or DVD.

    Edius Pro 9 Cons

    #1. What makes Edius Pro useless for many of the users is its limited device compatibility.

    Except for Windows computers, you can’t run the software on any other device whether it’s your Mac laptop, iPhone, or latest Android smartphone.

    #2. Edius doesn’t have any cloud repository of its own. So, no cloud storage with this software.

    Edius Pro 9 pricing plans and payment methods

    As I mentioned earlier, Edius is the only software in this list that doesn’t have a dedicated pricing page which is quite strange.

    So, how do you buy the product?

    Well, Edius has licensed several resellers to sell their product. And the only way to buy Edius Pro is by visiting the resellers’ site.

    The actual price is a one-off fee of $479 which makes it the costliest editing software out there. But depending on where you buy the program from, the price may vary.

    edius pro 9 pricing

    (Image Source)

    Similarly, the payment methods are also different on different resellers’ sites.

    Do I recommend Edius Pro 9?

    No, I don’t recommend Edius Pro 9 because the price is too high for it offers.

    Apart from this, some functions like VR editing is not up to the mark. So, I would suggest going for Video Pro X, which is cheaper and more efficient than Edius Pro 9.