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    Corel VideoStudio Ultimate has always been considered as an alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro. It offers more or less the same set of features but with the benefit of singular pricing and easy-to-use editing options.

    However, I found a few glitches in this software that might hamper your experience.

    VideoStudio Ultimate Pros

    #1 Unlimited Video editing

    Although there is an upper cap for the total number of audio tracks (max. 8) you can edit on VideoStudio, there is no limit on the total number of videos you can edit using this software.

    #2 Edit 360/VR clips and 3D objects

    VideoStudio renders the ability to work with 3D objects and edit VR/360 clips.

    #3 4K video compatibility

    If you have lots of 4K videos stored on your computer, you can easily import and edit them on VideoStudio. However, you can’t do the same with 8K videos.

    #4 Built-in sharing feature

    There’s a separate ‘Share’ tab on VideoStudio where you can share your videos on Facebook as well as upload them on popular video platforms like YouTube, Flickr, and Vimeo.

    videostudio facebook sharing

    #5 Extended trial and refund period

    This is one of the most impressive attributes of Corel. While Adobe allows you a modest 7-day trial and 14-day refund policy (for Premiere Pro and most of its other flagship products), Corel lets you test VideoStudio for a whole month.

    videstudio trial period

    And apart from that if you buy the product and not satisfied with the performance, you still have 30-days to return it and get a full refund.

    So technically, you get 60-days to try the software with zero financial risks involved with it.

    VideoStudio Ultimate Cons

    #1 Runs only on Windows computer

    I was quite impressed with the overall editing capabilities of VideoStudio, but it fails to repeat that performance when it comes to device compatibility.

    The only operating system it is compatible with is Windows (7,8 and 10). There’s no Mac support, neither any mobile app.

    videostudio system requirements

    #2 One device per license

    Corel is one step ahead of Adobe when it comes to inelastic license policy. Adobe, at least, lets you use the software on two computers, but with VideoStudio, you can use it only on a single computer.

    #3 Slow customer support

    Another issue I have with VideoStudio or say Corel (because they handle the customer support) is they are slow as a tortoise in resolving customer complaints.

    I sent them a support ticket to collect some info about VideoStudio, but it took them more than 24 hours to revert to me.

    I would suggest using their live chat option instead of email support because it is quick, and the customer agents are very polite and helpful (at least in my case).

    Screenshot 2019 02 20 20 43 34 77

    Corel VideoStudio Ultimate Pricing Plans

    Corel presents very straightforward pricing for VideoStudio Ultimate – it’s $99.99.

    videstudio full version pricing

    And the best thing is, there’s a cheaper option for those who are already using the previous versions of VideoStudio Ultimate, but would like to upgrade to the new version. It’s just $79.99.

    videostudio upgrade pricing

    Do I recommend Corel VideoStudio Ultimate?

    Yes but only to Windows users. VideoStudio Ultimate is one of those rare tools that anyone- from a novice to a professional, can use with ease and find something for themselves out of it.

    On top of that, the supply of a broad range of editing options and effects in a negligible cost makes it a tough deal to turn down.

    However, this application is a big no-no for Mac users or someone who works with multiple devices.