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    bigvu homepage

    As you land on the BigVU website, it gets clear that the software is made explicitly to record screen & webcam and make tutorials, presentations, and short social media videos.

    On paper, this tool looks like a typical screen recording app, but what makes it different from other options is the teleprompter that runs while you record.

    The scripts automatically scroll up the screen as you record, and you can adjust the speed according to your comfort. That way, you can constantly keep your eyes on the camera without requiring to memorize the script.

    Now the question arises, is the teleprompter feature enough to buy this tool?

    Let’s find out by going through the benefits and flaws of this tool.

    BigVU Pros

    #1. As I have just mentioned, the USP of BigVU is the teleprompter that eases the entire process of making a tutorial or social media video.

    Bigvu teleprompter

    No need to memorize long scripts or to always look down to recall your notes. Look straight to the camera and read your texts spontaneously as if you’re conversing with your audience.

    And the best part about the teleprompter?

    You can adjust the pace as per your script and comfort.

    That way, you would sound natural and make your videos more relatable.

    #2. One of the primary reasons of developing the software is to make videos for social media that’s why BigVU provides you the option to choose different aspect ratios like landscape, vertical, and square (for Instagram).

    And once you’ve done making your video, you can share it directly to on Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter straight from the app.

    bigvu sharing

    #3. The last perk of using BigVU is its compatibility with all the popular operating systems.

    The program can be used on almost all the devices, whether it’s a Windows/Mac computer or Android/iOS smartphone.

    BigVU cons

    #1. While using the software, I came across some handy editing features like Chroma Key, a basic audio mixer, and color adjusting tool.

    But one thing is evident that BigVU is not built for editing full-length movies or produce high-end videos. Therefore don’t expect to see functions like layering, masking, PIP, Multicam editing, 3D editing, VR video support, etc.

    #2. The largest frame size it supports is 1080P. You can’t export videos with 4K UHD resolution.

    Also, cloud storage is not available with the software.

    BigVU pricing plans and payment methods

    BigVU is not very upfront on its website about the subscription plans, and I had to sign up for the program to find out just the pricing plans.

    Anyway, this is what I found when I finally landed on it:

    Apart from the “Free” plan that is gratis but comes with a small watermark, they have “Starter” and “Team” plans for individuals and businesses, respectively.

    The “Starter” plan comes for $9.99/month and removes the watermark and lets you add your own logo.

    While 10 bucks a month looks reasonable, the “Team” plan is quite expensive and sets you back $499 every month.

    BigVU says it’s for multiple users but doesn’t define a specific number. The “Team” plan includes everything that the “Starter” plan has plus you get the shared library and workspace to collaborate with your colleagues.

    Now, the only way to pay for the subscription is through Credit Card. There isn’t any other payment method available as of now.

    Which is once again unfortunate for those who prefer PayPal or Wire Transfer.

    Do I recommend BigVU?

    No, I won’t recommend BigVU. The software is decent and I really appreciate the inclusion of a teleprompter, but apart from that, I couldn’t find anything new or impressive.

    So, I would instead go for Fleeq, which is equal in the rate but much more comfortable than BigVU or opt for a free tool like VSDC video editor.