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    beecut homepage

    BeeCut is an entry-level movie editor that is built while keeping in mind novice users.

    Due to its simplicity and user-friendly interface, it can be called one of the easiest timeline editors that allow users to create movies in minutes.

    The software has a perfect blend of essential features like trimming, overlaying, fonts, transitions, and some advanced features that include Picture in Picture, masking, color grading, and multi-track editing.

    And when you combine all these qualities, it comes out to be an excellent option for editing short clips, video ads, or YouTube videos.

    However, due to the absence of most of the traditional editing attributes, using BeeCut for producing full-fledged movies is not an ideal choice at all.

    Let’s take a closer look and see what you can do with the software:

    BeeCut Pros

    #1. The most exciting aspect of BeeCut is its intuitive interface that doesn’t require any experience to navigate.

    It has a plain timeline at the bottom, a preview area on the right side of the screen, and an online editor like a toolbar on the left-hand side.

    beecut interface

    Switch between different sections by a single click, point and select a style, effect, or transition, and drag & drop to apply. It’s that simple!

    #2. BeeCut is quite flexible in terms of device compatibility. You can use this software on any computer, whether it has Windows or Mac operating systems.

    Apart from that, there are also mobile apps available for iOS and Android for users who likes shooting videos on the phone.

    BeeCut Cons

    #1. BeeCut has a long list of cons, and one of the most notable ones is the absence of high-end functions.

    The software drastically fails when you try to work with 3D objects or upload a 360° video. Moreover, the lack of Chroma Key function, Multicam edit, actioncam mode, and the inability to add voiceover gives serious videographers enough reasons not to buy this tool.

    #2. The software doesn’t support the latest codecs like H.264 or H.265 hence you can’t work on 4K UHD videos using this software.

    #3. Except for exporting files to your computer, not having any other sharing or exporting option is another major snag with BeeCut that sours the whole experience.

    BeeCut pricing plans and payment methods

    Depending on who you are – an individual or business owner – you can choose between the “Personal” or “Business” plans of BeeCut.

    Under the “Personal” plan, you get the option to pay a yearly, monthly, or one-off amount to purchase the lifetime license.

    beecut pricicng

    The yearly license that lasts a whole year costs $39.95/year. Similarly, the monthly license costs $12.95/month and to keep the software forever, you need to invest $79.95, which looks more cost-effective than the other two options.

    Moreover, for those who want the software for their entire family (valid for 2-5 members) can go with the ‘Family Lifetime’ license for $279.9.

    Now, on the other hand, you don’t get as many choices under the “Business” plan as you get under “Personal” plan.

    beecut business pricing

    When going for the business license, you can either pay yearly or buy a lifetime license for your company.

    While the former sets you back $79.95/year, the latter is priced at $159.9.

    All the yearly plans of BeeCut are covered by their 30-day money back guarantee. However, the refund period for a monthly plan comes down to only 7-days.

    beecut payment methods

    And just for additional info, PayPal, credit/debit cards, and Wire Transfer are some of the few payment methods you can use to pay for the software.

    Do I recommend BeeCut?

    Had it be a free editing tool, my answer would have surely yes.

    But spending around 80 bucks for a basic level editing tool is something I won’t back.

    If you’re a serious movie maker, you can get a much better deal in VideoStudio Pro for a lesser a much lower price.

    Even some free options like VSDC and OpenShot are superior to BeeCut.