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    AVS Video Editor is part of a video editing suite by Online Media Technologies explicitly designed for Windows computers.

    Technically, this tool is not as good as the modern video editing software, but with over 300 effects, 4K support, and video stabilization, it’s still a decent choice for casual editors who don’t need advanced functions to manipulate their clips.

    Here’s what else you can expect from AVS Video Editor:

    AVS Video Editor Pros

    #1. What attracted me towards AVS is its dead-simple user interface that looks like any plane Microsoft application.

    Since the number of attributes is low, the interface looks clutter-free with all the functions within your reach in the same window.

    avs video editor interface

    Either drag & drop or select any function with a single click, and you’re good to go.

    #2. The AVS Video Editor process video with almost all the different frame sizes and one of them is 4K resolution videos.

    You can import, edit, and export 4K ultra HD videos without facing any snag.

    #3. A great addition to this software that not every free editing tool offers is the option to burn files into Blu-ray or general DVD discs.

    That enables you to save your files outside your computer, and watch it on any device you want.

    #4. Screen recording is yet another rare attribute for a video editing tool that AVS Editor consist of.

    And in case, your footage comes out shaky, it gets you covered by its video stabilization feature.

    #5. And finally thanks to the sharing power, you can upload your videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion, and other video platforms directly from the software.

    avs video editor sharing

    AVS Video Editor Cons

    #1. As I’ve mentioned earlier, AVS is not a full-fledged modern editing tool and misses many of the essential features.

    The most notable one among them is editing 3D and VR videos.

    Moreover, you also don’t find some basic functions like Multicam editing, Chroma key, actioncam module, advanced color grading, and more.

    #2. There is no mobile application available at the moment. Also, since the program is specially designed for Windows, it becomes unsuitable for your Mac and Linux machine by default.

    #3. You don’t get cloud storage facility with the software.

    AVS Video Editor pricing plans and payment options

    In a way, AVS Video Editor is free because it lets you keep the free license forever.

    But the only catch is, you see a watermark on every project you create using the tool.

    So, if you want to get rid of that; pay $59 for the lifetime subscription, and you can get your hands on the entire AVS Video editing suite that contains five different programs – Video Editor, Video Converter, Video Remaker, Audio Converter, and Audio Editor.

    avs video editor pricing

    Though they have a yearly subscription for $39, I won’t recommend going for that when you can pay twenty more bucks and get the complete suite forever.

    And you can see PayPal, credit & debit cards, and Wire Transfer as one of the few ways to pay for the license.

    avs video editor payment options

    Do I recommend AVS Video Editor?

    I have a very straightforward answer to this.

    If all you need is some basic level editing and are okay with having a watermark on your production, you can download the free license of AVS.

    Otherwise, I don’t recommend this tool because simply put, it’s an outdated, entry-level editor.