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    animoto homepage

    Animoto is the only web-based video editing service on this list. It’s one of its kind DIY tool that enables you to create breathtaking movies even if you have no experience.

    With millions of stock images and videos, you get adequate filters to breathe life into your videos & photos.

    And moreover, sharing them online with your friends and family is a child’s play too.

    But the big question is, is it good enough to replace an advanced video editing software?

    Let’s do a reality check:

    Animoto Pros

    #1. Animoto makes video editing a walk in the garden with its array of video templates that are pre-loaded with eye-catching graphics and filters.

    animoto templates

    So, all you need to do is, import your video, choose a template and click “Preview” on the top right corner and then “Produce”.

    animoto template

    All the templates are classified in different categories so that you can choose the right one according to your mood and texture of video.

    #2. Mixing videos and photos are more fun with over a million stock images and videos you get with its premium account.

    animoto stock videos and photos

    Additionally, the music library is also quite dense and gives you the luxury to choose the perfect music track for your videos among thousands of other licensed tracks.

    #3. Voice over recording is another funky attribute of Animoto that enables you to record your own voice while working on any editing project.

    This is super-handy when you’re preparing a tutorial or any visual presentation where you need to explain things, like a marketing or sales plan.

    It gives a personal touch to your projects and up the rocking scale.

    And I also loved how flexible this feature is where you can not only break your recording in different segments but also preview your entire recording before adding it to your project.

    If you’re not satisfied, delete it and go back to the recording mode.

    #4. Once you’re satisfied with the end result, you can download the videos to your local drives or directly upload it to YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

    animoto sharing feature

    And if you have a logo, you can insert it at the end of your video or put it in the corner through the whole footage.

    Also, for websites and blogs, there’s an embedded link that you can just copy and paste on your website and let the visitors enjoy your production.

    animoto embedded link

    #5. Wanna play your videos in a party but don’t wanna carry your computer?

    No problem. Animoto lets you burn files into DVD or Blu-ray discs so that you can take your creations wherever you go.

    #6. And finally, Animoto is the only tool in this list that works on almost any device one owns.

    Whether you work on a Windows PC or Mac computer, Android smartphone or iPhone/iPad, you can access your account from any device you want.

    And above all, since it’s a web-based app, there’s no cut back on the maximum number of devices you can use the software on.

    Animoto Cons

    #1. Animoto seems like a promising video maker for non-technical users, but it’s undoubtedly not all bling-bling.

    Even though you get several filters and effects to add to your videos, it lags behind in more advanced functions like 3D and VR editing.

    Plus, I couldn’t find actioncam and Multicam mode, too.

    #2. Not supporting 4K resolution videos is a significant issue with this software that might peeve many professional videographers who often use high-end DSLR cameras to shoot.

    You would need to lower the frame size to import the video on Animoto.

    Animoto pricing plans and payment options

    Animoto is a subscription-based service where the lowest pricing plan starts from $5/month when you choose to pay annually.

    animoto pricing

    Following that is their most popular plan “Professional” that sets you back $33 every month if you pay the yearly bill upfront.

    And finally the most expensive and premium plan “Business” costs $49/month when billed yearly.

    What creates this drastic contrast between the three tiers is the number of templates, music tracks, stock photos & videos, fonts, and color swatches.

    While the “Personal” plan ($5/mo) offers the least number of features, the “Business” plan has everything. And the “Professional” plan is the sweet spot between the two.

    And at last, you can choose credit card or PayPal to complete the order.

    animoto payment method

    Do I recommend Animoto?

    Animoto is, without any doubt, a unique video maker that is designed for a specific group of audience.

    And that audience mainly includes bloggers, sales and marketing executives, casual video makers, designers, copywriters, and all the other professionals who not technically sound but need decent looking videos in their fields.

    So, if you find yourself in this group, then I would recommend Animoto, and especially advise to put money on the “Professional” plan.

    Otherwise, I don’t recommend it to more experienced and serious editors because it lacks many advanced features that you can get on premium video editing tools.