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    Adobe spark video homepage

    One of the three parts of Adobe Spark, Spark Video is designed to help you make irresistible videos in minutes.

    You can either use the iOS app or go to the web to access your account. And the best thing about this tool?

    There’s no experience required from your side to start creating visual masterpieces.

    The app is user-friendly and rich in themes, layouts, fonts, stock images, videos, and soundtracks.

    But is it good enough to replace a premium video editing software?

    Let’s see:

    Adobe Spark Video Pros

    #1. Spark Video has a clean interface with the menu bar on top and most of the options on the right-hand side. That makes it super-easy to navigate different functions.

    Adobe spark video interface

    And as it mentions on the website, you don’t need any experience to create videos on Spark Video.

    Whether you want to import videos or apply any effect, everything can be done by a single click.

    #2. Spark Video has an array of default themes and templates that are loaded with transitions and motions to breathe life into your stories.

    Adobe spark video templates

    And what’s more?

    You get the freedom to add fancy fonts to your clips to make your stories more eye-catching and impactful.

    #3. Another plus point of using Spark Video is the availability of various free stock images and videos that you can add to your main project.

    The free soundtracks offered by the application are also decent.

    However, if you couldn’t find a suitable number from the library, you can either upload some punchy tracks from your computer or record your own voice to add some personal touch to your projects.

    #4. Once you’re finished with your project, you can share your creation on every social media platform or email the link directly to your loved ones.

    Adobe spark video sharing

    However, the inability to upload video on video sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo is something that might sour your experience.

    #5. Spark Video gives you the flexibility to start your work on your desktop computer or laptop and finish it on your cell phone.

    Because it syncs all your files between different devices.

    And since it’s a web-based application, any device, whether it’s Windows or Mac, can be used to access your files.

    To make things more convenient, it also has a dedicated iOS app for iPhone and iPad users. But what I didn’t like is, Adobe completely neglected Android users in this space.

    #6. And finally, since Spark is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud family and comes under the CC Photography plan, you get 20GB of cloud storage to keep all your projects there.

    Though you will have to renew your membership every year to keep using the cloud space of Adobe.

    Adobe Spark Video Cons

    #1. Spark Video is without any doubt a decent choice for beginners, but it lacks all the advanced features you expect from a premium editing software.

    No actioncam, no 3D editing, no VR editing, no advanced color grading!

    In short, the tool is not at all made for high-end editing.

    #2. Talking about high-end editing, uploading high-resolution videos is a major issue with this software.

    While almost all the full-fledged video editing programs allow working with 4K resolution clips, Adobe Spark supports, at max, 1080P full HD videos.

    Adobe Spark Video pricing plans and payment options

    Adobe has a straightforward, no-nonsense pricing for Spark Video.

    You choose either the free option or pay a monthly subscription of $9.99 every month to keep the premium license of the app.

    Adobe spark video pricing

    The premium license helps you get rid of the Spark Video watermark, get you access to the premium font & template library of Adobe, unlimited stock images & videos, etc.

    Not only that, since it’s a creative cloud plan, you also get Photoshop and Lightroom to edit images.

    Do I recommend Adobe Spark Video?

    Yes & No.

    If urgency is a key criteria for you, then you won’t be disappointed by purchasing the monthly/yearly subscription.

    The app is easy to use, and with pre-existing themes, fonts, and images, it’s just a matter of a few minutes to create a stunning video clip.

    However, neglecting advanced features like 3D & VR editing, advanced color grading, etc. can backfire Adobe, and keep many experienced editors away from this tool.

    So, Spark Video for professionals?

    A big no from me.

    The software is yet to do so much even to come closer to a premium video editing tool.