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    Adobe premiere rush

    Premiere Rush by Adobe is an all-in-one online video editing tool that is designed to make and share videos on the go.

    The tool is aimed mainly towards YouTubers and casual vloggers who want to edit videos online and share it with the world at once.

    Though it has some useful features for entry-level and semi-pro users, the program is not as powerful as Premiere Pro – the premium video editing software from Adobe.

    However, some attributes grabbed my attention. Here they are:

    Adobe Premiere Rush Pros

    #1. Premiere Rush is way easier to operate when compared with its big brother’ Premiere Pro’.

    The interface of the software looks super-tidy with minimal buttons and tabs and somewhat seems inspired by Lightroom CC as you see editing tools in both the sides of the screen.

    Adobe Premiere rush interface

    Overall, the application is very easy-to-use and merely need a drag & drop/click to import files and add effects or grade colors to the clips.

    #2. Since the main motive of Premiere Rush is to manipulate videos quickly, it renders professionally designed motion graphics templates within the app to fast-track your editing process.

    Adobe Premiere rush motion graphics

    You can alter the color, sound, font, and size according to your taste and take your video from okay to wow within minutes.

    #3. Even though Adobe doesn’t mention it explicitly on the website, a little hunting on the web says you can edit and render 4K resolution videos on the software without any issues.

    That means you can give a whole new experience to the viewers by releasing these high-resolution videos.

    #4. And of course, when editing is done, you can share your production with everyone on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.

    Also, there’s an option to upload your files directly on video sharing platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Flickr.

    Adobe Premiere rush sharing

    And what’s more?

    Adjusting the aspect ratio or choosing the correct resolution of the videos can be done within the software.

    #5. Device compatibility is another plus point of Premiere Rush. The program can be installed on Mac, Windows, or iOS devices and Adobe syncs all the files across different gadgets you own.

    That way you can work on your projects anytime, anywhere, and resume the project on another device, some other day. All your edits would be intact.

    However, since they’ve just released the Android version of the app, it’s available only for some selected devices running on Android 9 or later. Here’s the full list of all the Android smartphones that support Premiere Rush:

    • Samsung Galaxy S10/10+, S9/9+, Note9, Note8
    • Google Pixel 3/3XL, 2/2XL
    • OnePlus 6T
    • Xiaomi Mi A2
    • Sony

    #6. Video files cover a whole lot of space in your hard drive. So unless you have TBs of space in your computer, cloud storage is a must.

    And Premiere Rush is one of the handfuls of sites that includes cloud storage in its subscription.

    Since the software is under Adobe’s Creative Cloud plan, you get 100GB of cloud storage by signing up for the “Single App” plan of Adobe CC.

    That’s more than enough space for any casual videographer who edits videos just for fun.

    Adobe Premiere Rush Cons

    #1. Premiere Rush is an excellent choice for casual editing, but it disappoints while going for advance level editing.

    3D and VR support are unavailable, plus some of the essential features like Chroma Key and Multicam are also missing.

    However, to fulfill these gaps, you can always import your files to the cutting-edge software Premiere Pro.

    And don’t worry, all your edits would be undamaged – just like the way you last saw it on Premiere Rush.

    Well, that’s the only flaw you see in this tool. Now, let’s see how much it costs you to get the software.

    Adobe Premiere Rush pricing plans and payment options

    Premiere Rush is a member of Creative Cloud family of Adobe, and they have these fixed plans – “Photography”, “Single App”, and “All App plan”.

    Adobe premiere rush pricing

    The Photography plan includes only the photo editing apps like Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC. So, it automatically becomes null and void.

    Now, the All App plans might sound fascinating as it contains all the products under the CC umbrella but could be a heavy burden on your pocket.

    So the only plan I suggest to you is the Single App subscription plan that costs only $20 every month (when billed annually) and gets you 100GB of cloud storage.

    Do I recommend Adobe Premiere Rush?

    Once again, my answer is yes as well as no.

    Premiere Rush seems like a tailor-made tool for entry-level video editors.

    Sure, you may need to spend some time with the online tutorials at the beginning, but once you get aware of the interface, you just breeze through it.

    The online sharing and motion graphic templates are up to the mark, and multi-device compatibility makes it hard to refuse.

    So, if you’re a novice, you have almost all the reasons to go for this application.

    But I would recommend experienced users to always opt for Premiere Pro – the advanced video editor of Adobe, over Premiere Rush in any day.


    Because it lacks some of the essential features that include Chroma Key feature, Multicam module, 3D editing, and 360° video support.