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    Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most advanced and popular video editing software out there.

    But it’s still far from perfect.

    The software is not available on mobile phones, difficult for newbies, and most importantly, Premiere Pro is expensive.

    Does that mean you should adjust with the shortcomings of Premiere Pro or settle down with a mediocre tool?

    Absolutely not!

    That’s why in this post, I am gonna talk about 5 best alternatives to Premiere Pro that not only go neck-to-neck in terms of quality with the Adobe giant but also:

    • Easy to use for any type of users.
    • Cheaper in cost.

    So if you’re ready, let’s get straight into it.

    1. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

    VideoStudio homepage 1

    VideoStudio Ultimate is a state-of-the-art editing software developed by Corel.

    Often considered as one of the best replacements of Premiere Pro, VideoStudio never fails to surprise users with its editing prowess.

    From basic trimming, slicing, and mixing to adding cutting-edge effects, multicam editing, 360° video support, and more.

    VideoStudio is packed with almost all the features you can imagine. You name it, VideoStudio has it!

    On top of that, what gives this tool a slight edge over Premiere Pro is its ridiculously low price and dead-simple interface.

    But just like every coin has two sides, there are a few aspects where VideoStudio fails to match up with Premiere Pro.

    And in the following sections, I go through each one of these points in detail.

    So, let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages VideoStudio bring in with it:

    Corel VideoStudio Ultimate Pros

    #1. Let’s start the party with one of the most standout features of VideoStudio, i.e., its simplicity.

    As you move higher in the video editing software hierarchy, simplicity is one of the rarest qualities you see in a tool.

    But not in this case.

    And to make things easy as pie for everyone, VideoStudio Ultimate has classified the interface in three different tabs – ‘Capture’, ‘Edit’, and ‘Share’.

    videostudio interface 1

    Each of these tabs serves a specific purpose. And contains only the necessary toolset to make the interface look clutter-free.

    For example, Capture is the place where you name your project, set the frame speed, and import media files.

    Similarly, in the ‘edit’ tab, you do the actual job of editing videos, and when you’re done, the ‘Share’ tab is where you can export the complete movie.

    Sounds like a cake walk, right? It is.

    And just in case, you’re unable to figure out anything, the in-house tutorials are always there to help you find your way.

    #2. The wide range of editing toolset is one of the main reasons behind Premiere Pro’s popularity. And VideoStudio Ultimate provides you just that.

    The software allows you to perform anything from basic cutting and trimming to advanced editing functions.

    With more than 2000 effects and transitions, you never run out of options to breathe a new life in your videos. An even if you find anything missing, the NewBlue FX Plugins are there to fill that void.

    Similarly, VideoStudio Ultimate has separate effects for 360° videos, and the 3D title generator works exceptionally well while working on 3D clips or objects.

    The Chroma key function, PIP, and multicam editing that enables you to capture 6 different angles are a few more exciting features you find in this software.

    #3. Unlike Premiere Pro, VideoStudio is yet to support 8K resolution videos, but the tool is well capable of editing and exporting projects in 4K UHD resolution.

    #4. Once you’ve done working on your clips, you can move to the ‘Share’ tab and upload your videos to YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, and Facebook right from within the software.

    videostudio facebook sharing

    And what’s more?

    VideoStudio has special arrangements for VR videos and lets you export the VR clips to 360 formats, YouTube 360, or Vimeo 360.

    This is something that you rarely see even in high-end editing programs.

    #5. One area where VideoStudio seems to overtake Premiere Pro is creating tutorials.

    Unlike the latter, VideoStudio allows you to record your webcam and Screen simultaneously.

    Plus, you can burn your videos into DVD and Blu-ray to play or distribute it offline.

    Corel VideoStudio Ultimate Cons

    #1. Device compatibility is a major setback for VideoStudio. The program is built exclusively for Windows users and not present in mobile phones, too.

    Another shocker is their rigid license policy which says, the software is valid for only one machine at a time.

    Premiere Pro is far better in this case as it comes with cross-platform support and a flexible license policy.

    #2. While Premiere Pro is known for providing generous cloud space to its users, you don’t get the same luxury with VideoStudio Ultimate.

    Corel VideoStudio Ultimate pricing plans and payment methods

    So far, both the programs (VideoStudio and Premiere Pro) were going parallel.

    But the price is the biggest factor that creates all the differences.

    While the Adobe giant is a bit expensive and costs you at least $240/year ($20/mo), VideoStudio Ultimate is more than 2X cheaper that Premiere Pro and costs just $99.99.

    videstudio full version pricing 1

    And unlike the subscription-based Premiere Pro, $99.99 is a one time fee which is golden for a tool of such caliber.

    On top of that, Corel runs sale from time to time and offers a massive discount on its product.

    For example, on time of writing this post, VideoStudio Ultimate was available for just $69.99 for a limited period.

    videostudio discount price

    Finally, talking about payment methods, Corel accepts PayPal, Wire Transfer, and all the major debit and credit cards.

    2. Cyberlink PowerDirector

    powerdirector homepage

    Just like VideoStudio Ultimate, the PC Mag award-winning software PowerDirector is also a hardcore Windows product.

    What separates it from the others is its incredible rendering speed where it edges out almost all the modern video editing tools including Premiere Pro.

    Now, it might take a few days for newbies to make full use of the software, but you can still enjoy lightning fast production with its ‘Express Project’ feature.

    And unlike all the programs in this list, PowerDirector is the only one that offers 25-100 GB of cloud space and is exceptionally lightweight.

    In spite of being loaded with features, the software needs only 2GB of RAM to run in full flow.

    And below, I’ve mentioned all the other fascinating reasons that prove why PowerDirector as an apt replacement of Premiere Pro.

    Cyberlink PowerDirector Pros

    #1. The advanced video editing tools could be a little challenging for neophytes, and Cyberlink understands it very well.

    That’s why they have introduced “Express Project” that enables you to produce high-quality videos in minutes using pre-designed video templates.

    powerdirector express project

    There are dozens to choose from, and these templates are already loaded with effects, transitions, animation, and soundtrack.

    So, just choose one, add your video, and hit ‘Produce’.

    Within minutes, you get a professional looking video which is not generally possible to create even by the most experienced editors.

    #2. PowerDirector is no second-fiddle to any of the editing programs when it comes to editing features.

    The software has an excellent one-click color grading system, actioncam module, 3D LUTs, and provide access to advanced VFX and plugins.

    Moreover, the complete 360° editing package that includes 360° video stabilization, 360° title & PIP objects, and 360° view designer makes your VR videos more dynamic.

    In short, PowerDirector enables you to perform everything from entry-level to advanced editing functions.

    #3. Since there’s H.265 codec support available, working on 4K UHD videos was never a pain.

    In fact, PowerDirector is one of the fastest editing tools when it comes to rendering 4K videos thanks to its TrueVelocity engine, OpenCL, multi-GPGPU acceleration, and latest hardware acceleration technology.

    #4. Just like most of the editing services, PowerDirector also allows you to share files on social media platforms without leaving the software.

    powerdirector video sharing

    You can also burn your files into DVD and Blu-ray discs for offline use.

    #5. Device compatibility is not a strong zone for PowerDirector but it still worth mentioning that it is one of those rare advanced editing options which is available on mobile, too.

    The software is made explicitly for Windows PCs and smartphones. And also have a separate app for Android users.

    #6. PowerDirector is the only tool in this post that offers cloud space to its users.

    You get 25 GB of cloud storage with their lifetime license. But in case you have more files to store, then you can opt for the subscription plan where it offers 50-100 GB of cloud storage depending on the plan you choose.

    Cyberlink PowerDirector Cons

    #1. The overall experience working on the software was excellent. However, it looks ordinary while editing 3D videos.

    A few more features in the next update and PowerDirector would be on par with Premiere Pro in terms of working with 3D objects or clips.

    #2. And the second flaw is, of course, the absence of a Mac and iOS version of the software.

    Cyberlink PowerDirector pricing plans and payment methods

    Cyberlink is quite flexible in its pricing plans. The company has two different pricing options – lifetime license and subscription-based membership – to the users.

    The best part?

    Both these plans are backed by Cyberlink’s 30-day 100% money back guarantee.

    So, if you want to go for the lifetime license that comes with a one-off fee, choose PowerDirector Ultra or PowerDirector Ultimate.

    powerdirector pricing plans

    Both of them cost $99.99 and $129.99 respectively and offers 25 GB of cloud space.

    On the other hand, the subscription-based membership is a bit expensive but also offers more cloud space in return.

    To become a PowerDirector 365 member, you need to pay $48.99 every year. In return, you enjoy 50GB of cloud storage and access to advanced effects and Plugins.

    A bit higher in the hierarchy is the Director Suite membership plan that gets you 100 GB of cloud space for $89.99/year. And of course, that also includes the cutting-edge effects and Plugins that you get with PowerDirector 365.

    And finally, you can use bank transfer, PayPal, or your credit card to pay for the program.

    powerdirector payment options

    3. DaVinci Resolve

    DaVinci Resolve homepage 2

    DaVinci Resolve is the only free software out there that can replace an advanced editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro.

    The software is primarily built for experienced editors and is famous for its VFX effects and motion graphics.

    Besides this, it equips a modern audio mixer and color grading tool to help you make your videos more vivid.

    No doubt, the tool has been used in many Hollywood movies, TV shows, and commercials.

    Here are some more reasons why DaVinci Resolve is in this list as a replacement for Adobe Premiere Pro.

    DaVinci Resolve Pros

    #1. DaVinci is full of unique features, and “Cut Page” is one of them.

    Cut Page is a separate editing area designed to make some quick edits. All the necessary functions are well within your reach so that you can alter your videos fast.

    DaVinci Cut 3

    And it also provides you with the flexibility to switch to the original interface whenever you want.

    This feature is handy for anyone like a YouTuber, broadcaster, or agency owner who works on tight deadlines.

    #2. While all the tools in this post, including Premiere Pro, is designed for solo users, DaVinci is the only software that enables you to collaborate with your team members in real time.

    With built-in chat, timeline comparison tools, and more, you can get onboard your entire team and work with each other at the same time.

    Now, the other only catch is this feature is limited to their paid users. And you’ll have to upgrade to DaVinci Resolve Studio to practice this function.

    #3. DaVinci is the only tools besides Premiere Pro and HitFilm Pro that works with 8K UHD videos.

    #4. The software has a top-notch editing toolset that includes Fairlight, Fusion, an advanced color-grading system, and more.

    Fairlight provides you a full-fledged digital audio workstation where you can use the ADR tools, sound library, Audio Plugins, dynamic processing, and more.

    DaVinci Fairlight 3

    You’re also allowed to mix 3D audio formats like Dolby Atmos, SMPTE ST 2098, and Audio-3D.

    Similarly, you can add cutting-edge VFX, motion graphics, and edit 3D objects with DaVinci Resolve’s Fusion.

    #5. Though you don’t get many sharing options, it still enables you to post your movies directly on YouTube and Vimeo.

    DaVinci sharing 3

    Additionally, you can burn files into a disc if you want to play your creation in a party or play it on your TV.

    #6. Except for smartphones, DaVinci can be installed on any computers, whether it’s running on MacOS, Windows, or Linux.

    And the best part is, you can install the software on three computers at a time.

    DaVinci Resolve Cons

    #1. DaVinci Resolve is not very newbie friendly, and it might take some time before an entry-level user can make full use of the software.

    #2. Unlike PowerDirector and Premiere Pro, you don’t get any cloud space facility with the software.

    Also, it’s not available in small screens which might disappoint a number of users who often use their phone to shoot and share videos.

    DaVinci Resolve pricing plan and payment methods

    DaVinci Resolve is available for free forever.

    But if you want to experience some advanced features like HDR grading, multi-user collaboration, 3D tools and more, you can upgrade to their paid version DaVinci Resolve Studio for $299.

    That’s a one time fee which you can pay via PayPal or credit/debit card.

    4. Video Pro X

    video pro x homepage

    Magix is a reputable name in the video editing industry and has developed some excellent video editing programs like Movie Edit Pro.

    But Video Pro X is the most advanced video editing software they have ever produced.

    If we overlook a few minor cons, the tool has everything a movie maker needs to create stunning clips.

    From basic trimming and cropping to advanced color grading, Chroma key, 3D editing, full VR video support, multicam editing (up to 9 cameras), and more, it is loaded with essential features.

    On top of that, the video templates and hundreds of effects and transitions add more stars to its glory.

    Now, let’s take a deep dive and know about the software in detail.

    Video Pro X Pros

    #1. Just like any other tool in this article, Video Pro X, too, is not quite suitable for newcomers. But the in-house video templates make it a cakewalk to create professional videos without any effort.

    These templates are pre-loaded with effects and motion graphics. And you can create an eye-catching video within minutes just by adding your clip to these templates.

    Moreover, Video Pro X supports almost all the latest codecs like H.265 or XDCAM and allows you to open any video on the software.

    Now, you don’t need to bank on any third party video converting tool to convert your video in a specific format.

    #2. As I’ve mentioned earlier, Video Pro X is no inferior to Premiere Pro or any other modern editing software.

    The software has an advanced audio mixer where you can create broadcast-ready soundtracks. Similarly, you can add cutting-edge VFX and motion graphics to jazz up your projects.

    Besides this, Video Pro X also powers you with other Editing functions like color grading, Chroma key, multicam editing (up to 9 cameras), Lookup tables, actioncam, and more.

    In a nutshell, Video Pro X is a one-stop shop for any videographer.

    #3. Video Pro X has some special arrangements for videos shot on VR devices.

    It offers a complete 360° pack that includes stitching, screen rotation, unique 360° video transitions & effects, and also has the ability to stabilize your jittery clips.

    video pro x 360 editing 1

    Similarly, you can play with 3D objects, add 3D titles, or edit a 3D movie on the software.

    #4. Not only you can open and edit 4K clips, but Video Pro X goes above and beyond and enables you to manipulate 6K UHD videos, too.

    #5. The software is pretty efficient in distributing your productions over different platforms. You can post your videos on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and other social media sites directly from the software.

    There’s also provision for disc authoring if you want to play your movies offline.

    video pro x disc burning

    Video Pro X Cons

    #1. The only setback of Video Pro X is its limited device compatibility and the inexistence of a cloud repository.

    It’s not available for devices running on operating systems other than Windows like MacOs, Android, iOS, or Linux.

    Also, it doesn’t have its own cloud repository like Adobe Premiere Pro or Cyberlink PowerDirector.

    Video Pro X pricing and payment methods

    Magix charges a staggering $399 for Video Pro X which might look a little overpriced at first, but when you evaluate the return you’re getting for that price point, it’s quite reasonable, if not meager.

    You can pay through PayPal or credit/debit cards to acquire the license.

    5. HitFilm Pro

    hitfilm pro homepage 1

    “The all-in-one editor, compositor, and VFX powerhouse” – that’s what HitFilm Pro claims to be on its website. And unlike, most of the programs we find on the internet with similar claims, this software delivers what it says.

    The software is an excellent combination of power and performance. It enables you to do almost everything from editing complex VR videos to adding 3D objects and playing with the color contrast to including VFX effects to your videos.

    And all that at a lightning fast speed, thanks to the powerful multi-core GPU accelerated system.

    Now, if we list out all the features of HitFilm, it would take an entirely new post.

    So, here’s a teardown of the most essential features that makes HitFilm an appropriate alternative to Premiere Pro.

    HitFilm Pro Pros

    #1. Even though usability is not a major strength of HiltFilm, the software is still a dream to work on for veteran movie makers.

    Due to its robust multi-core GPU accelerated system, all the functions from importing files to adding heavy VFX happens in a jiffy.

    hitfilm pro performance 2

    And because of this lightning fast speed, you never experience any crash while working on your projects.

    #2. Now, let’s come to the most vital section that can make or break any software, i.e., its editing capabilities.

    HitFilm Pro is second to none when it comes to making even the most complex edits.

    The software has an advanced color grading and audio mixing system where you can control the color contrast and create your favorite soundtracks.

    Similarly, you get a complete 360° editing suite and an upgraded VR viewer panel where you can watch the VR videos at their original state and add effects that are made specifically for 360° videos.

    And this is not it.

    You would also love the 3D titles, layers, and 3D objects that you can use as particles to make your clips more dynamic.

    Besides this, HitFilm also has the uncanny ability to convert 2D images into 3D scenes with camera movement included.

    hitfilm pro 2d to 3d 2

    Some other notable mentions are multicam mode, actioncam, Chroma Key, VFX Plugins like OpenFX, NewBlue, GenArt, etc.

    #3. Not only you can open and edit 4K UHD clips, but HitFilm goes a step beyond and supports 8K resolution videos, too.

    So it doesn’t matter whether you use a mobile handset or DSLR camera to shoot footages, you can open them without any snag.

    #4. One of the qualities of HitFilm that I saw only in a few selected tools is the flexibility to continue your work while exporting a file.

    And since the software is powered by such a robust system, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to render even the highest quality videos.

    hitfilm pro export 1

    Above all, you can share your creation directly on social sites or burn the files into a DVD or Blu-ray disc for offline use.

    #5. Last but certainly not the least, unlike most of the Windows-only programs in this post, HitFilm Pro comes with cross-platform support.

    That means the software works smoothly on both the operating systems – Windows and MacOS.

    HitFilm Pro Cons

    #1. The only negative point about this tool is the absence of a smartphone app and cloud space facility.

    Other than this, the software is perfect in every aspect.

    HitFilm Pro pricing plans and payment methods

    HitFilm Pro has two different variants – a free license and a paid one.

    The free license is suitable just to test the software because you’re not allowed to export files while using the free variant.

    hitfilm pro pricing 2

    On the other hand, the paid license is available for a one-off fee of $299 that you can pay via PayPal or credit/debit card.

    hitfilm pro payment options 2


    Adobe Premiere Pro could be one of the favorites of professional movie makers and videographers, but it’s certainly not ‘THE UNICORN’ of the video editing industry.

    There are many tools out there that possess the same qualities and can successfully take over the Adobe giant.

    And the five programs we analyzed in this article are definitely the top contenders.

    The best part?

    There’s so much variety that you get the flexibility to pick the right program according to your preference and of course, budget.

    For example, if you want to experience the power of a modern editing tool in a tight budget, you can go with VideoStudio Ultimate or DaVinci Resolve.

    Both these programs are cheap (in fact, DaVinci is free) and render you the same power as Premiere Pro.

    Similarly, Cyberlink PowerDirector is for those users who need a power-packed software with cloud space at an economical price.

    And finally, Video Pro X and HitFilm Pro could be perfect for you if you want to bring home a complete package with lots of add on benefits and are ready to shell out some extra bucks for it.

    That being said, most of these programs are built explicitly for Windows PC owners.

    So, if you work on a Mac, then you are left with only a couple of choices; either go with DaVinci Resolve or HiltFilm Pro.