Adobe Premiere Elements

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    Adobe Premiere Elements

    Premiere Elements is another Adobe product which is more like a younger sibling of Premiere Pro. But does it offer the same set of features?

    Let’s find out.

    Adobe Premiere Elements Pros

    #1 Unlimited Video Editing

    Similar to Premiere Pro, you can edit unlimited videos on Adobe Premiere Elements. And the best thing is, unlike its buffed up version (Premiere Pro), it comes with a one-off payment. So, pay once and enjoy editing videos forever.

    #2 Supports 4K videos

    A 4K recording has become standard in almost every video shooting device, be it DSLRs or phones. And Adobe Premiere Elements is well capable of editing 4K videos. But unlike Premiere Pro, it is yet to support 8K videos.

    #3 Share videos directly from the software

    Premiere Elements has the function of sharing videos on your favorite social media app without leaving or minimizing the software.

    #4 Compatible with Mac and Windows

    Even though there’s no mobile app available for Premiere Elements, it’s still a relief to know it can work on both the platforms- Mac and Windows.

    For Mac users, your computer must be running on version 10.12 to 10.14 and 64-bit multicore Intel processor.

    For Windows user, you must have Windows 7 (with service pack 1), Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 64-bit version.

    Adobe Premiere Elements system requirements

    #5 Extended trial period

    I really liked the fact that you can try Premiere Elements for 30 days for free to decide if it’s the right software for you. Whereas, with Premiere Pro, you can use that software only for a week.

    Adobe Premiere Elements Cons

    #1 3D & VR editing is absent

    It’s one of the most notable setbacks of Premiere Elements. You can’t work with 3D objects on this application, neither it allows users to edit 360/VR videos.

    #2 Works only on two devices with a single license

    Adobe is quite rigid with its licensing policy. And just like Premiere Pro, you can use Premiere Elements only on two devices with a single user license.

    And it comes with the same condition of not using the software on both the computers simultaneously.

    #3 Customer Support sucks

    What can you expect? Adobe handles the customer service of both the products. And my experience was the same. Not good.

    Adobe Premiere Elements Pricing Plans

    As I mentioned earlier, you can buy Premiere Elements by paying a one-time payment of $99.99. Though you won’t get any cloud storage.

    Adobe Premiere elements pricing

    Do I recommend Adobe Premiere Elements?

    Yes. Premiere Elements is a perfect fit for casual users or hobbyists. It is quite easy to learn, and the availability of extensive learning materials make it even easier — no need to ask for help from experienced video editors to master the tool.

    And since it is a one-off buy, there’s no major risk associated with investing in this product.

    I highly recommend Premiere Elements to those who’re just starting in the field of video editing. However, you may want to look somewhere else if you’re a professional user.