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    Adobe Premiere Clip is the only tool in this post, which is designed explicitly for mobile users.

    It’s like the junior avatar of Adobe’s premium video editing software Premiere Pro and enables you to shoot and edit videos on the go.

    To make editing faster, it has an automatic edit feature where you can just upload your video and images, choose a soundtrack, adjust the pacing, and Premiere Clip creates a shareable video for you in minutes.

    And for those who like to have more involvement can choose the free editing mode and adjust the clips and images according to their taste.

    And you know what’s best?

    You can send the edited clip to Premiere Pro directly from the app for advanced level effects and any changes you make there, get automatically synced in your original video.

    So no more back and forth between two tools.

    Now let’s take a deep dive and see what else it has to offer:

    Adobe Premiere Clip Pros

    #1. The usability and UI of Premiere Clip are similar to any other standard mobile app.

    In fact, I would say, it’s simpler than other editing apps because when you open it, it looks like this:

    Screenshot 2019 05 21 18 00 03 84

    A plain grey space with a ‘+’ icon on the bottom right corner.

    Press that ‘+’ icon and you can either start uploading videos and photos from your phone/Google Drive/Dropbox/Lightroom or start shooting a live video from your camera.

    Once you’ve done that, you can either go with the automatic mode or take control of everything in your hand by choosing the free editing mode.

    Having said that, it doesn’t matter what you choose, every function from selecting a soundtrack to rearranging the order of images and clips can be done by a few taps or drag & drop movement.

    In short, you are never gonna face any issues while operating Premiere Clip on your phone.

    #2. Depending on the capacity of your phone’s camera, you can shoot and edit 4K videos on Premiere Clip without any glitch.

    And nowadays, when almost all the smartphones come with stunning camera qualities and 4K recording ability, I don’t think you should have any issues working with UHD videos on the app.

    #3. Even though Premiere Clip is a mobile app, it’s still powerful enough to do all the essential works like trimming, audio mixing, adding 2D and 3D texts, or working on 360° videos.

    Of course, most of these functions are in their elementary level. But as a mobile-only tool, you don’t expect it to have the advanced level features either.

    And that’s why Adobe allows you to send your Premiere Clip videos directly to Premiere Pro to add all the fancy effects and transitions.

    And since both the tools (Premiere Pro and Premiere Clip) are the members of Creative Cloud family, CreativeSync automatically syncs all the changes across all your devices.

    adobe premiere clip autosync

    (Image Source)

    #4. Once you’re happy with your final edit, you can share your clips directly to YouTube and Twitter by a few taps.

    And if you want, you can also publish your videos to the Adobe Community platform so that all the Adobe users can see your creation and take inspiration.

    #5. Premiere Clip is available on all the smartphones and tablets that run on Android or iOS. Also, there is no capping on the maximum number of devices you can install the app on.

    And the best part?

    Since it’s an Adobe Creative Cloud app, you get 2GB cloud storage for free. Plus, there’s no manual effort needed.

    It automatically stores everything in the cloud that you make using the software.

    Adobe Premiere Clip Cons

    #1. The only drawback I found in this app is its absence on desktop screens and lack of advanced features.

    The app can be used only on mobile phones and is primarily built to make entry-level videos. You don’t see the cutting edge functions like PIP, Chroma Key, masking, Multicam mode, etc.

    Adobe Premiere Clip pricing plans and payment options

    Adobe doesn’t charge anything for Premiere Clip. It is available to every user for free, forever.

    Do I recommend Adobe Premiere Clip?

    Yes, I definitely recommend Premiere Clip.

    The app is free, easy to use, and is capable enough to create decent looking videos. Of course, it doesn’t give you everything you expect from a video editing software but is still handy to edit and shoot videos on the go.

    Even if you feel the need to add some cutting edge effects, you can always transfer your clips to Premiere Pro. And moreover, you get 2 GB of cloud storage for free, which is rare to find in most of the editing tools.

    So in short, you should definitely go with Adobe Premiere Clip as your primary phone editing app. It will not disappoint you.